the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 29
which god laid down his life for you

which god laid down his life for you


have you met a man
whoose life was nothing more
than a mere carpenter
from a long time before
have you met a king
who came in a stable
whoose lowly life would bring
an everlasting fable
have you met a boy
who went beyond his age
to care for all there was
without a reward or a wage
have thou seen a child
whoose tender heart would break
but have you seen the one
who helped the child mend and make
have thee found a human
who could love those who hate
have ye sought a person
and never been too late
have you found a father
who would never lets you down
whoose love is everlasting
what have you found
do you know a God
who always puts you first
do you have a Lord
whoose love which you immerse
for i know a God
who would lay His life
for everyone on earth
to take away sin and strife
for i know of a God
who would fall between my knee
and bow before His creations
just to see me free
for i've heard of a God
who bled and suffered hard
who wore a crown of thorns
and stepped on pieces shard
for i know of a God
who would die a painful death
to say that He has loved me
until His very last breath
for i have seen a God
that took on all my shame
and bore it willingly
and placed down His name
for idols and gods i never knew
could be the same and true
so truly ask yourself
which God would die for you?


why do we believe this one true God-simple, which other God would die for you? which king would lay his life down? which man would even sacrifice himself for you? who would go through pain and suffering for your undeserved salvation and sins? which God would lay at your feet rather than you at His? this is why i believe in Him


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