Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 131
That Dull Routine

That Dull Routine


Bubbles of time in bubbles of rhyme

Repeating themselves each day,

Routine keeps the world in synch

Inexorably here to stay.

Alarm alarms at darkest dawn

Stagger to the shower,

A cup of tea and slice of toast,

Routines dull, relentless power.


Tick tock the hideous clock

Enslaving us to time,

Working, working, run beserking

Metronomes in rhyme.

Keep production multiplying

Lock premises secure,

Vigilance at double time

Keeps today’s procedure pure.


Running, running, leaping, jumping

Staying on the go

Hit the peak hour traffic jam

De-accelerate to slow.

Collapsing in your favorite chair

Exhausted mind in spin,

You wonder where the saneness went

In routine’s ruthless win.


Days do come and weeks do go

The years go flashing by

And routines dull relentlessness

Means, that unless you really try,

This thing will dull your richness,

It nullifies with spite

Routine will gobble up your days

Peversely, rob you of your life.


So modify your Behaviour,

Break the daily grind,

Get up late and celebrate

And make THIS day a find.

Stride out on sandy seashores

Feel the pull of ocean tides,

Watch seagulls soar on coastal cliffs

And smile as stress subsides.


Consign routine to limit

Bring variation to your days,

Pad routine out capriciously

And sing this newborn freedom’s praise!




Mangere Bridge

27 April 2009



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