Omegle Chat Log
Author: Joseph Scheiffer

Chapter 3
Log 3

In here, I RP'd as Pinkie Pie XD

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
You: age?
Stranger: Hey! WAZZUP! I'm 17
Stranger: How old are you?
You: Hey, pinkie pie here! 16!
Stranger: Oo, sounds like fun ;)
You: Do you like cupcakes?
You: it would be AWESOME if we made cupcakes!
Stranger: I f*king love all of you ponies!
Stranger: Let's make some right fucking now
Stranger: I got flour!
You: Alright, we need some flour, milk, salt, but just a pinch!
Stranger: Ok, can we also put in one secret ingredient I like to call...
You: The film on the top of expired mayo, and the super DUPER secret ingredient!
Stranger: Oh yeah, that too.
Stranger: What's super DUPER secret! I must know!
You: Alright, shall we use a hacksaw or a basic knife?
Stranger: Hacksaw
You: I wonder. Why IS it called a hacksaw? Hacking is more for a basic knife. And are you sure about that?
Stranger: Yeah, I can deal with the pain
You: Good! I couldn't have done this without you! Flesh is the super duper secret ingredient! *Goes at arm at elbow
Stranger: Wait! Use my left arm, it's more developed muscles since I use it for jerking off.
Stranger: Tastier cupcakes need bigger muscles.
You: NO! I know what goes good for cupcakes! Muscles make it dry and chewy! It must come from your right!
Stranger: Fine, Pinkie Pie. You do know best.
Stranger: BTWs, how much flesh are we gonna use...
You: Eeh! *Continues through arm again*
You: Oh, just one of your feet and then we'll be fine!
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