Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 130
Gunboat Pirates


                         Gunboats ahoy there’s pirates about

Speeding from Somali’s shore,

A fast flimsy boat and some black skinny men

With grenade launchers, cannon and more.

They’re coming to capture the tankers

They’re coming to capture the crew

They’re coming to take you hostage

Because fat cats will pay cash for you.


It’s happening more every day now

Ships are held to ransom for gold,

This contagion is out of hand now

The Somalian pirates are becoming so bold.

Hard men in the west prepare crackdowns

                                    Gunboats sail for the Gulf as we speak,

                                    With instructions to shoot to kill now

                                    And make eradication of pirates complete!


But you ask, why is this happening?

Why does a man, a pirate become?

What instigates this crazy morphosis

From fisherman to pirate with gun?

Somalia has no Government to speak of,

It collapsed and went long ago.

                                     No law or army in place here,

                                     Life is dangerous, chaotic and low.


Some fat cats made use of the vacuum

They ditched toxic waste in the sea

They irradiated the coastline region

Making this a poisoned place to be.

                                     The coast folk were dying in thousands

                                      Sick mothers lost babies and kids

                                      Black illness spread madly in villages

                                      Then blind panic and pain hit the skids.


Some fat cats made use of the vacuum

They trawled the coastline clean

Somalia’s fishermen were destitute

The catch went from vast to lean.

The villagers were starving and hopeless

And what was pain became death.

The leaders appealed for salvation

But those with the means, had turned deaf.


Who would take this problem on now?

Who would make these bastards pay?

Most turned around and shunned them,

The world had turned and looked away.

So hit transgressors where they’re vulnerable.

Strike in sea lanes where it’s free.

Hit them near the Horn of Africa.

                       Attack with blades of piracy.


Hooray for the small man’s justice.

Hooray for his skinny, black shanks,

Please God help their quest for deliverance

For the West has arrived with their tanks.











Now I ask you, in all fairness

To stand back and view the scene,

Where the richest and most powerful

are doing something that's obscene

For not only are they poisoning

The most vulnerable race on earth

But compounding it with genocide,

And I add, for what it's worth,

The West, in righteous arrogance,

are crushing poorest fellow man

In his struggle for survival

Against their mammoth, global hand.




Mangere Bridge

25 April 2009






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