Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 129
Autumn Love 2

Autumn Love 2

Lost edition of this poem of love,

Retrieved from the ether by Jules.

Thanks a bunch Jules.



Fantasy’s are fabulous
To dance on silver cloud
To spin on wheels of mercury,
To sing this song out loud.
Togetherness is everything,
Passion paints the air
With livid tones of wonderment
And eyes that shine with care.
Walk across the mudflat’s
Feel the squish between your toes
Smell the stink of rotting seaweed
Let it wrinkle up your nose.
Go splashing through the shallows
With your darling’s hand in yours
Laugh aloud in wild abandon
As the salt spray soaks your drawers.
Feel the grip of life upon you
Feel the magic of crisp air,
Feel the sunshine warm your shoulders
Feel the breezes in your hair.
Feel the grip of life upon you girl,
Feel wild pulsing in your heart,
The gentle thrill of warm elation
Which sets this Autumn love apart.
As we walk beneath the golden boughs
The  leafy carpet at our feet,
Cascading sunbeams filter through
To create exquisite-ness so neat.
The softness of the falling light
The tones of red and gold,
As we stroll together arm in arm
To watch magnificence unfold.
Now should we die and disappear
Both just vanish in a cloud,
Both suddenly evaporate
Without trace or secret shroud,
Then, let this be known with passion,
Let this be known to all
That those wondrous moments shared in love
And Autumn, did enthrall.
Mangere Bridge
20 April 2009


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