Author: The Ink Slinger

Chapter 8
[8 of 9]

My dear, sweet Blair,

You seem to be falling apart. It's been a while since you left the house. I've called by every day with a letter, but I never see you. I keep calling, but you no longer answer. Is something the matter, Blair? I'm terribly confused. Have I done something wrong? I know you don't know me, but you could simply tell me. Perhaps write me a letter or your own and leave it somewhere? I'll find it. I'm always watching you, so I'll find it. But I really am worried about you, Blair. You look terrible. You're too pale and there are shadows under your eyes. Your hairs a mess. It' so oily and tangled. You've lost weight. You look like a walking skeleton. I can't believe you've let yourself go like this, Blair. Imagine if Daddy saw you, how disappointed would he be? Blair, I think you need to see someone.

I'm not upset, I promise. I couldn't ever be upset with you. I'm just worried. I care about you, I love you Blair. It's as simple as that. I would do anything Blair. I'd walk on water, if I could. I'd fly to the moon and back. I'm in love with you, Blair. I wish it were time. I wish we could be together now, but you're not ready. It's not the time. Not with Daddy so ill. I know it would be too much strain. Relationships are always hard, aren't they? That's why we have to wait. Wait until you're ready, because I am. I have been for so long, but you're too important. I have to wait. But that's okay, Blair, I can wait. I'll wait forever, if I have to. But when the time comes, Blair, I'll take you away. A holiday. So you can relax. You'll need it.

My dear, sweet Blair. I guess you're worried that things won't work between us. I promise you that they will. I'll kill anyone who tries to come between us, Blair. I promise you I will. I'll do everything to keep us together. We're meant to be. But I know how perfect you are. I know everyone wants you for one thing or another, but Blair, you're mine. I'll kill you, too, if you look elsewhere. And I'll kill them. I'll kill them in front of you. I'm sorry. I'm scaring you, aren't I? I don't want that. I'm sorry, Blair, truly. I love you. I don't want to scare you. I just think you need to know. We're meant to be. Forever, Blair. When we can, we'll take an oath, we'll get married. I can see it now. I can picture you in the dress I found for you. It's gorgeous, Blair. Lace and satin. You'd love it, Blair. It's old-fashioned. I thought you'd like an old-fashioned, fairy-tale wedding. So I've planned it all. The carriages, white horses, doves. The lot, Blair.

I'll write again soon, Blair. 

I love you, Blair, and I'll be watching you.


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