Author: The Ink Slinger

Chapter 4
[4 of 9]

My dear, sweet Blair,

I have been thinking. My first letter to you was a pathetic attempt at winning you over. I probably made you think of Cindy. Yes, I know about her. I also know that no one was supposed to know about her. I used to wonder what you saw in her. She was a bit of a nut job. And very jealous. One day we'll have to talk about her. I'm not angry, Blair. No. I could never be angry with you. I know you were lonely. I get that. I was lonely too. But enough about that. It's depressing me, thinking about her. And I know it's probably upsetting you, too, and I don't want that. I want you to be happy. Which is why I'm here. You won't know happy until you're with me. But soon you will. Soon you'll be with me, Blair. You've always been mine, Blair, always. Just like I've always been yours. You and I are meant to be.

That dress you wore last night. The one you wore when you went to see Daddy at his nursing home. It's my favourite, you know. It's really plain, to be honest. I never picked you to like plain clothing, but that one is special. There's something about it, you know, that makes it special. Those thin straps and the way it just falls over you. Not clingy, like everything else you own, but loose and flowing. It makes you look like an angel. It's so simple, so pretty and white. If you wore those gladiator style shoes and had some gold and thistle, you would look like a goddess. Soon, I'll be there to pick out your clothes. I'll even design some for you. I'm good at that. But what I'd really enjoy would be dressing you. I would spend forever making you look fantastic.

You've been spoilt, haven't you, Blair? I know you have, so there's no point trying to deny it. A girl like you is always spoilt. Pampered. Not that anything will change, Blair. You're my princess, my queen even. I'll soon be the one who's spoiling you. I know you're waiting to be spoilt again. Working isn't much fun, not that you work. It can't be that hard to take photos. Clicking a button can't be that hard. I don't mean to insult you, Blair, but it's true. I will still spoil you, even if you don't give up your photos. I know they make you a little happy. Why, I don't know, but still. You enjoy it. Just as you'll enjoy me spoiling you. I know you'll love it.  It's a shame to make you wait, but waiting will make us stronger, Blair. And I know you want us to be just as much as I do.

The wait will be worth it, my dear sweet Blair, I promise you.

I'll be watching, Blair, always.


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