Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 38

 I was vaguely aware of Luke leading me back to the train station, removing my collar in the toilets and shoving his jumper over my head. It was big on Luke, so it was huge on me. The hem fell to about halfway down my thighs and my arms were completely hidden from view. Before I knew it, we were on the train. 

Luke sat me by the window, then sat me beside him. He lay me down with my head in his lap and stroked my hair gently. "That's it, sweetheart," He said quietly as I sobbed. "You cry it out. Then see if you can have a little sleep, eh? It'll do you good. And then when we get home, I'll get you in your jimmies and we'll get all snuggled up in bed nice and warm, eh? We'll go to sleep all cuddled together and then you'll wake up in the morning and it'll all be better. I love you, baby. I love you so much. You never have to go to that place again, not if you don't want to. I don't want you to. I love you..." He carried on like that, babbling on, just complete garbage until I fell asleep.

 He woke me gently when we reached our station. "D'you want me to carry you?" He offered. I shook my head.

"It's okay," I whispered. He look disappointed. "You can hold my hand though." I said, weaving my fingers with his.

"God, you're freezing," He said.

"Mm," I replied, rubbing my eyes with my free hand.

"Tired, kitty cat?" He asked, chuckling. I nodded and nuzzled into his neck. "You're really not up for walking home are you?"

"No," I mumbled into his shoulder.

"I'll call a cab," He said, sitting me down on a bench. I leaned against him gratefully and he wound his warm arms around me.

"I don't need bed," I mumbled. "I have a warm comfy boyfriend to fall asleep on."

"You're so cute when you don't know what you're saying," He chuckled, kissing the top of my head.

"I know what I'm saying," I yawned. "I'm just really sleepy."

"You can go straight to sleep when we get in," He told me.

"Mm," I breathed. "I love you, Lukey."

"I love you too, sweetheart," He kissed me gently.

I dozed off in the taxi, only half aware of my surroundings. Luke helped me out of the taxi then half carried half supported me up to the flat, where he took me into the bedroom and lay me on the bed. He pulled my pants off and went to do the same with my top. I shook my head. "Leave it. I'm cold. Plus, I wanna fall asleep in your jumper."

"Awh," He cooed, stroking my hair. "That's nice, baby."

"Come on. Get into bed, cupcake," I pulled him under the covers with me and fell asleep with his arms around me.

When I woke up, I could hear chattering in the other room. Luke wasn't in bed. I swung my legs out of bed and walked through to join the others.

Adam and Jaya were drinking coffee and Luke was reading a book. He smiled up at me and patted the space beside him. I sat down and he put his arm around me. "How you feeling?" He asked, kissing my temple.

"Better," I rubbed my forehead. "Ugh. Never let me do weed again. Ever."

"I won't," He chuckled.

"Or heroin," I added. "At all costs keep me away from heroin."

"I er... I will," He looked confused.

"I think the only reason I haven't done it while I'm living here is because there isn't any around," I explained. "I want it sometimes."

"You don't need it though," He kissed my head.

"Were you really drunk last night?" Adam asked. I shook my head. He blinked at me, confused.

"I was a little stoned," I explained. "Well. More than a little. It was some strong shit. I er... I whiteyed. Big time."

"Oh," Adam nodded. "I get you."

"You're okay now though?" Luke asked. I nodded and snuggled into him.

I loved him so much.


A/N: Okay, I just have to tell you the cutest thing ever...

I have all my peoples staying over at my home and Cedric and Oliver are asleep on the floor (Gezzabell and I are the only one's who're still up. He says hey.) but anyway, Ced and Ol are asleep on my floor under the same duvet. Their heads are like an inch apart and they're cuddled up together. I'd post a picture, but Ced doesn't like having his face on the internet (some bad shit happened to his cousin, it's a long story...)

But I just thought I'd tell you coz it's like 'AWWW!'


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