Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 46





Maroon linens, silver utensils, wine glasses, a napkin folded into a neat ‘W’, and a white stick of candle lit by a faint flame I wanted to snuff out so badly. Bullshit. That’s what’s all of this is called.

“Don’t expect me to say that this is romantic, because even if this was a million dollar restaurant, or a once in a lifetime getaway to I-don’t-give-a-damn-where-in-the-universe, if it’s from you—I’d rather do laundry.” I mocked in indignation.

            “Such a sharp tongue for a beautiful girl,” He took a sip of champagne on his wine glass, and I was starting to get images on my head about me sticking that shiny thing up on his ass. “I suggest you eat, don’t worry, even if you let me eat that, neither of us will get poisoned.”

            “I’d rather be.” I said through gritted teeth.

            “Now now, don’t ruin your night, my love.” He smiled widely. “The  evening is just starting... Oh, not unless you want to get to the good part already?”

            “If the good part you’re referring to is the part where I get to go home and not see your face for the next—hopefully, decades—I must say that I’m itching to get into that part.” I pushed the plate that had steak pooling with thick red sauce further away from me. Sure I was hungry, and sure the food was mouth watering, but anything that came from the efforts and pocket of this bastard was going to make me sick to death if I dared to accept.

            “Alexine,” He grabbed my wrist and pinned it on the table before I could snatch it away. “At least give me a chance.”

            “Give you a chance to what?” I rolled my eyes and laughed at his seriousness.

            “I told you before,” He squeezed my wrist tighter, and I stared daggers at him. “Give me a chance to show you how much I really love you, that even if we had such an awful start—I’m a different man from all of this... Lexi, all I need is a chance, the first and last chance.”

            “Chance-smance.” I sneered. “I liked you better when you were a loser.” I saw him flinch at my words, but now was not the time to rejoice for that victory, I needed to hurt him more. “If you continued to be the loser that I used to hang out with when Ethan was not around, we would have been friends. I wouldn’t hate you to this extent. And trust me; you’re not seeing hate yet. Now let go of my hand before I use this steak to slap you.”

            “Lexi, please.” He begged like a freaking dog. “I’m serious about you.”

            I shook my head. “You don’t have to tell me how serious you are, because I do know.”

            “If you just give me a chance, then going on a date with me wouldn’t be such a responsibility for you.” He said again.

            “You just lost your chance, Jaycee.” I said with all honesty. “When you drove me home before, I swear I considered on dating you—or to try dating you. But when you suddenly transformed into super hero to super villain, I dumped the idea—like I would dump you, OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL I ETCH THE WORDS ‘NO’ INTO YOUR BRAIN.”

            For a moment he looked lost in regret, but I knew better than to pity someone who’s done all this shit to me. “Alexine...”

            “Call my name again, and I swear I’ll write my name on the ground with your blood.” I said, feigning calmness. “I’m getting tired of this. Can’t we just stop this game and get this over with? I know I’m putting no bargain on this, but this doesn’t benefit us both in any way. I don’t see the point.” When I snatched my hand back, he didn’t bother to stop me.

            He sat there in silence for a while, and for the first time this night, I saw Jaycee’s old goody face. “If I agree to stop blackmailing you—or whatever it is you wanna call the shit that I'm doing... Would you give me a chance? Or at least try to see me through...?”

            And this time, I was the one who sat there in silence, unable to answer his question. It was a bit of improvement on him, but it was obvious that I was always left with the choice of lying to Ethan so I could give Jaycee his bargain.


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