Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 36

 I fell back asleep almost straightaway in Luke's arms.

When I woke up again, he wasn't there. I panicked slightly- where had he gone? Had he got sick of me too? I kind of had a mini panic attack - my breathing getting faster and my heart racing. I heaved a sigh of relief when the door opened and he came in. "What time is it?" I asked.

"Er... two thirty," He said. "You had a really stressful night last night, love, you needed the sleep. Did you want me to wake you?"

"No, it's alright," I smiled at him. "I just... panicked a little bit, is all."

"Okay, babycakes," He sat beside me. "D'you want me to make you something to eat?"

"Nah, I'm not hungry," I shook my head.

"Sure? You don't look like you've eaten since I saw you in the hotel room that night," He peered at my curiously.

"I don't know that I have," I said, honestly, shrugging.

"You need to eat something? You'll turn yourself anorexic," He said, dubiously.

"I won't. Honestly, I feel a little sick right now," I told him.

"Oh. All right then," He sighed exhaustedly. Then he chewed his lip. "Jo-Jo?"


"These... these friends you have, over in Hackney. They... what're they like?" He asked. I shrugged.

"They're okay. Well. Rayne can be a bit of a dick - 'specially if he's not had a fix in a few days. And Aaron's a bit of a gob on a stick, but he's alright really. Marko's really shy - his dad used to smack him about so he's kind of scared of everyone. Thierry's sweet though." I shrugged. I only recounted the 'friends' I actually had anything in common with.

"Well. You've met my friends. Can I meet them?" He asked. I swallowed. I was about to say no- but I couldn't; I'd just told him they were nice. 

"Er... sure, I guess," I shrugged. "Might not be the nicest of places, like."

"It's fine," He smiled at me. "Any friend of yours is a friend of mine."

I borrowed Luke's phone in the quiet of the bathroom later on. I called the only of them I knew the number and prayed that it'd be Marko who answered and not Neil. "Hello?" A quiet voice said and I sighed with relief.

"Hi, Marko. It's Jonah?" I said. He didn't say anything. "Jonah Carter?" Still nothing. I sighed. "Zak Sudden?"

"Oh! That Jonah," He laughed slightly. "Hey."

"Hi. Er... listen, I was thinking... Blain's got sick of me, see. I got a new guy now," I said. "We should have a little get together, us and the guys, at the club. He's er... keen to meet the others, see how they do it. He's kinda new to all of this..."

"Oh. Yeah, sounds like a good idea. What's his name?"

"Lucas Rothery," I said. "You won't have heard of him. Like I said, he's new to all of this."

"Right, well, one second," He put the reciever of the telephone down on the table and I heard him walk away. I just caught the murmer of his conversation with Neil and then he came back to the phone. "Neil says this Saturday at nine in the club if you fancy it?"

"Yeah, definitley. See you then, mate," I said. "Bye."

"See you," He replied.


Luke took me down to the club on Saturday at nine sharp. It was a good ten miles from his place so we had to get the train. "Wait," I stopped him as we neared the club.

"What?" He looked confused.

"I need to change," I slipped into the public toilets nearby and into the cubicle. I knew Luke was standing outside of it, waiting for me.

"What's wrong with what your wearing?" He said, sounding confused and a little hurt; I was wearing his favourite outfit. A black silky shirt with grey stone-washed skinny jeans and my black baseball boots.

"Nothing, I like it," I assured him, struggling out of my jeans and into the leather pants I had in my back pack.

"Then why do have to change?" He didn't sound any clearer on the situation. I pulled off my shirt and shoved it into my bag.

"Becuase, I won't get into the club dressed like that. I told you, they know me here," I closed my eyes and paused for several seconds as I fastened the collar around my neck. I hated the thing so god-damned much. But I'd packed it just in case I needed to get into the club at all. It was a thick strap of black studded leather, padlocked at the side so I couldn't ease it off. I reluctantly twisted the key in the lock and clipped on the long chain lead with the leather handle on it. I stepped out of the cubicle and Luke gasped.

He blinked at me. "Jo-Jo, what're you..." He began.

"I... I didn't tell you. It's... It's a BDSM club," I swallowed. "All the guys there, they're in sub-dom relationships. Like I was with Blain. They know I'm a sub, I've told them you're my new dom."

"I don't know how to do stuff like that," He shook his head. I stroked his cheek gently.

"It's easy, babe, honestly," I told him. I handed him the lead by the end with handle. "Don't hold my hand, hold this," I instructed him, and he took it from me reluctantly. "And... don't call me anything cutesy like buttercup or kitten. You know I love it," I added that part quickly at his reproachful expression. "But it's just not what you do in that kind of relationship. If you have to use pet names... baby's fine. Babe too, to an extent. Call me Jo-Jo as well if you like. We can cuddle and kiss but not all gentle and cute. It's got to be rouch and firey and passionate, okay?"

"Can I touch you gently at all?" He whispered.

"You can stroke my hair, I guess," I shrugged. "You know I love that. And... and I'm sorry babe, I know you don't like it but I'm gonna have to call you Sir. And you should probably call me bitch and boy and stuff like that."


"Please. You asked to meet them. We're here now anyway, we might as well stay." I said. It wasn't just that; the doms would all go crackers if I said I'd turn up then I didn't. They'd track me down then kick the shit out of me. Luke too, most likely. I didn't want that to happen. Luke smiled reluctantly.

"Well, okay then." He said quietly.

"Thank you," I kissed his cheek gently.


A/N: Okay guys so this note isn't a funny, I'm afraid. In fact it's kinda sad...

Poor Cedric's going through some serious shit with his crazy ex-boyfriend right now. He's on a real low and can't be bothered with much. He's said that he's feeling pretty worthless right now and like he means nothing to nobody, even though he knows how much Ol and I love him. I know how awesome you guys think he is, so I was just wondering if I could get a couple of comments saying that? Might help him a little. Don't feel like you have to, because it might not work, but it's worth a shot, right?

Thanks :)

BTW. I will be posting this note on alot of updates. Don't feel like you have to comment on them all, but feel free to do it if you want :-)


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