reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 10
who am i?

We land in a cave…okay I swear I’m not making these things up snow white is standing there; she looks even prettier in human-not animation- form.

            “Hello, oh…you’re so pretty. I remember you as a baby?” snow white says in a smooth tone.

            Me? As a baby?

            We head deeper into the cave and a beautiful silver castle s revealed.

            “Its time we explain things to you.” Joshua says and I reply silently with a finally and a fake roll of the eyes.

            We sit down in a little room, and snow white walks away.

            “Those aren’t your real family. You are snow white’s daughter. At the time you were born it was unsafe for you. So we got you adopted. Now ‘the evils’ are trying to kill you because you will become immortal when you turn eight-teen.” He talks so fast I cant ask any questions, but at least I can hear-not understand but hear- what he is saying. His voice moves on like wind.

            “That’s why we have you now. We knew it was time to get you back. Your family will be okay…I think.” While that’s not very comforting. “You have special powers to, and very many. See you were mainly taken away because you are a huge threat. The reason you don’t get your powers yet is because minors aren’t major enough to handle them. That’s why Kyle didn’t already kill you.

            “Slow down, I need a breath!” I finally am able to say. But he keeps on going, ignoring me.

            “You have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill… He drags on, and on and on. But I stop listen to his blubbering and zone out.

            “And where do you fit in to all this?” I ignore everything else he just said, to me so very comely.

            This question makes him look uncomfortable, and weird. I can tell by his emotional face. “I’m apposing to be your soul mate. We were put together at birth; they thought you were the one for me?”

            “Oh great! You guys are going to destroy my life, take away my family-and as if that’s not enough for me to handle-you throw on the fact that you already know who im going to marry, and I don’t have a choice!” Accidently speaking it in my mind, I said it aloud.




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