reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 9


            An evil man-with scary eyes, and light skin that almost looked blue-walked in to my bedroom. Dakota, and a women who looked like the queen-who I never did catch her name-from snow white, and the evil women from sleeping beauty-the one that had turned into a queen, all walked in.

            Kyle walked over to me, and tightened his hold around me. His eyes glanced from me to them. From them to me. And from me to them again and again.

             I held onto him. “Oh my god!” I managed to whisper. Dracula walked in! Dracula, the vampire! This was all so unreal. Am I seeing things?

            “What are we going to do?” I asked Kyle. He picked me up off my feet, like he was ready to carry me out of my wedding. But this wasn’t a wedding. In less you count Dracula as an audience, no ring as marriage, and sweat pants as a beautifully flowing white gown.

            “You’re going with us!” he said confidently.

            I’m not going with them!

            “You’re part of them?” I felt shocked, and panicked. Had he been lying the whole time? Nothing was real? I felt heart stabbed.

            “NEVER trust anyone!” he snickered. It was all a joke!

            “Joshua!!!!!!!” I screamed as though he could help me stand up against these people/monsters.

            Kyle put his hand over my mouth and muffled my screams.

            Joshua flew in my window, like a bird. Or did I just imagine that? he swooped in picked me up and flew me away. As far as I could see no one was coming after us.  Hopefully.

            I was in the air. I held on to Joshua tight.

            “Just hold on.” He tried to comfort me. His black hair flew around in his face. But he could still see.

            I held on tighter. “Thank you!” I whispered. “That might have been a life or death situation.” I was oblivious to the fact that I was flying, in the air, and I was being held by human as we flew. “Where are we going?”

            He was probably going to say your welcome but all my other questions made him loose his train of thought.

            “Just hold on!” he said in a serious voice, his somewhat Mexican accent coming out.

            I had so many questions, but I would keep quite. For now.

            But then the worst thought ever struck me. What about Meagan? Oh…I hope she snuck in with-oh wait he was part of the group.

             I almost started crying. They were going to trap her, I just knew it. I yelped out in pain.

            ‘What’s wrong?” he sounded annoyed in a sympathetic way. I didn’t answer.” Are you all right?”

            “I am but she’s not.” I yelped again.

            “You’re the only one that matters right now.” I felt bad for not threatening to kill him, in less he turned back around and got her, but then I remembered mom and dad. They were going to die to. I gulped trying to swallow the puke and the thoughts.




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