Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 33

 I didn't care that Jaya and Adam were still in the room.

I flung my arms around Luke's neck and kissed him passionately, my tongue snaking around his and tracing the contours of his teeth and gums. As we broke apart I rested my forehead against his. "I love you," I whispered. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," He replied, swinging me around in a circle. "I thought you said you were staying in Manchester."

"I was baby but... Blain found out about you and I. He said he's going to..."

"He's going to what?" Luke urged.

"It doesn't matter," I snuggled into him. "I just want to spend time around you. Please. I love you."

"Okay," He said.

"Oh. This is Adam," I said, indicating my companion. It'd been good having him with me on the train.

"Hi, Adam," Luke nodded towards him.

"Adam, this is Luke and his little sister Jaya," I told him.

"Hi," Adam smiled. He and Jaya both studied us carefully.

"Er... c'mon Adam, I think you and I should go down to the chippy and get some stuff to celebrate," Jaya said, grabbing his arm.

"Okay," Adam replied and he followed Jaya out of the flat. I knew they just wanted to give us some alone time.

Luke and I tumbled back onto the sofa, me lying on his chest. "I love you," I reminded him.

"I love you too," He replied. He kissed the top of my head, making his way round my face to my neck. He moved his lips back up to my ear. "God, you're so beautiful."

"Not," I replied. "Shall we go to bed, love?"

"Mm," He mumbled, picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom. He dropped me on the bed and lay beside me, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me. We rolled round on top of the duvet for a little while, then I unbuttoned his jeans slowly. "You sure you wanna do this, buttercup?"

"Yeah. I wanna make the best of my time with you," I told him easing down his jeans and boxers. He pulled off my shirt and we slipped under the duvet.

After we were finished, we heard Jaya and Adam come back in. They didn't come to disturb us, and I guess I was thankful for that. We were lying under the tangled duvet. I had my head resting on Luke's shoulder, and my arms around his bare stomach. He had one of his arms around my waist and the other hand resting on my elbow. With the hand that was around me, he was stroking my back gently with his thumb. "Why did you come back?" He whispered, kissing the top of my head. "Not that I'm not happy to see you..."

"I couldn't take it. The things Blain was saying..." I said, feeling tears well in my eyes.

"What was he saying?" He said. I shook my head and he squeezed me gently, urging me on. "I won't get upset, promise."

"He... well... he was going on about how I'd never see you again. And I told him that I already had, that you were that trick the other week. And... he threatened to... he threatened to kill both of us," I choked out.

"Sh," Luke whispered into my hair. "Don't cry, my baby. It's okay. I won't let him hurt you."

"No. It's not me I'm worried about. He's already hurt me," I shrugged. "I just couldn't bare it if he hurt you."

"He won't," Luke assured me. "Trust me."

I couldn't.

After about twenty minutes, we both dressed and went through into the living room. Adam and Jaya were deep in conversation about something. They looked at us and Jaya smiled sympathetically. "You okay, guys? Who wants coffee?" She said.

"Please," I smiled back at her.

"Go on then," Luke put in.

"I will," Adam said. Jaya dissappered into the kitchen and reappeared several minutes later with a tray of coffee cups and a small bowl with sugar in it. We all drank in silence. Then Adam spoke. "We could just go to the police, you know," He said, quitely. I shook my head.

"Adam, mate, listen. Doing what we've done, there's no way either of us can go to the police about anything," I told him. He blinked at me, confused. "Well, you know what happens to people in jail. You might be alright, you'd probably just be in a juvenile detention centre or something. I'd go to real jail. The one thing I've ever asked from anyone is that they don't breathe a word about me to the police."

"Oh," Adam looked a little disappointed.

"Sorry," I replied, feeling slightly remorseful. "I just... I can't go through that. I'd die."

"It's fine. Really," Adam shrugged, smiling slightly at me. Luke drew me closer into him and rested his head on mine.

"You alright?"

"Just a bit shaken up," I replied, nodding.

"I can see you would be," He said. "After what that man has done to you... god, that's just sick. Especially when you're just a little kid."

"I'm not a little kid," I mumbled.

"Yes you are," Luke's tears trickled down his cheeks, wetting my hair and a couple of them seeped through to my scalp. "You're just a baby. You're my baby."

"I love you, sweetheart," I buried my head in his shoulder so the other two wouldn't see me cry.

"I love you too," He said, stroking my hair.

And then there was a knock on the door.

Everybody froze.


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