Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 31

 Jonah pulled his clothes on frantically, stumbling a little. I followed suit quickly. "Blain, I..." Jonah swallowed. "Let me explain..."

"I don't need an explanation," Blain took a step forwards. Jonah stepped back. "You blatantly lied to my face. You know what I think about you having boyfriends. It affects your work."

"I... it won't. I'm never gonna see him again," Jonah looked down, tears glistening in his eyes.

"Good. Because if he thinks he's ever getting within a three mile radius of you ever again, I'll kill the fucking bastard," Blain snarled. Jonah's fists clenched and I saw the line of angry tension in his jaw. "I can't believe you would.... you're such a pathetic slut Jonah. You know that?"

"I'm pathetic?" Jonah said quietly, his head snapping up. "What's pathetic is seducing other people's husbands. What's pathetic is making a living from corrupting kids. What's pathetic is being such an alcoholic stoner that you can't get a real job."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Blain snorted.

"You!" Jonah said, incredulously. "I'm talking about you, Blain. You try to break me down by telling me I'm pathetic, but really, it's just you."

"What?" Blain looked gobsmacked at Jonah's outburst. I felt the same way - what the hell had came over him?

"Well. Look at you," Jonah raised an eyebrow in disgust. "You shag about with Davey, knowing that you're breaking poor Ryan's heart by doing it..."

"Ryan doesn't know," Blain scoffed.

"Yes he does, Blain," Jonah said, adressing Blain as if he was stupid. "The only reason he doesn't say anything is that the poor sods so desperate for Davey to love him back that he'll overlook anything."

"You think I care?" Blain looked unsure.

"That's exactly your problem, Blain. You do care. And yet you try to hide it, like it's a bad thing," Jonah said, wiping the tears off his cheeks with the back of his hand. "It isn't a bad thing to care."

"I don't care. I don't care about Ryan and I definitely don't care about you," Blain snapped. Jonah just looked at him. Then he shook his head and sighed.

"Who are you?" He said. "Because you sure as hell aren't Blain Hart."

"Yes, I am," Blain looked really frustrated.

"No you're not," Jonah contradicted him. "Blain Hart is a sweet, kind guy who just wants to help. Blain Hart is the kind of person who just likes everyone to be happy. Blain Hart is the man I fell in love with five years ago." Jonah stepped closer to Blain and stroked his cheek. "I know that man is still in there somewhere. Just... where?"

"That Blain is dead and gone. I grew up. I was such a pathetic loser then," Blain shoved Jonah away from him.

"No you weren't. You were..." Jonah looked desperate. He tried a different route. "Please don't get mad, Blainey. Please. Luke... he makes me happy. Before I met him, I'd never been happy, not properly. Please, let me just have this one."

"Why? What the fuck have you ever done to deserve happiness?" Blain snapped. "You've never had to try to be perfect, have you? Because that's my life, right there. I tried to make myself a better person everyday. I slogged my guts out at school, got eleven GCSEs, all As and A-stars. And I still wasn't good enough for anyone. Not my teachers, not my mates, not my boyfriend... not even my family. Everybody always picked at the tiniest faults. I couldn't get a job, they told me I was unemployable... which means I wasn't good enough. So eventually I realised there was no point and packed in. You don't know what it's like."

"I do," I said, quietly. What he'd said was exactly my life with my uncle. I was never good enough for him, no matter what I did. They both looked at me, as if they'd forgotten I was in the room. Which they probably had. "Well... my uncle, my friends, my teachers... they were all exactly like that. It's just... life, I guess."

"It's not fair," Blain muttered, childishly. Jonah laughed harshly.

"Not fair?" He repeated. "Hate to break it to you, sunshine. But life's not fucking fair. You know what you do? You learn to fucking deal with it and you move on."

"You're saying I've changed. What happened to you?" Blain shot back.

"I realised that this isn't the way I wanna live anymore. I'm seventeen, Blain. I have my whole life ahead of me. I don't want to waste it doing this," Jonah sniffed. "Luke... he showed me that I don't have to. I'm better than this."

"Oh my god, will you shut the fuck up about this fucking Luke," Blain said. "You haven't seen him since you left and you're never going to again, alright?"

"I have seen him since I left! I saw him just the other night. That trick..." Jonah realised what he was saying and stopped abruptly. "Shit!"

"He lives in those flats I found you by, yeah?" Blain said, look Jonah up and down.

"I... please don't hurt him, Blain," Jonah begged.

"You fucked him, right?"

"Wha... only once," Jonah looked confused. "Not the other night... one time when I was at his place... why?"

"Because. Unless you want to be a necrophiliac, you're never going to again," Blain said.

"No!" Jonah screamed, taking both of Blain's hands. "Please. Blain, don't. I'm begging you. Don't hurt him, please."

"Tell you what," Blain said, wrenching his hands out of Blain's grip. "I'll give you until midnight tomorrow. Get down there and spend some time with your little lover boy. And then I'll kill you both together. How about that?"

"I..." Jonah bit his lip. "Okay. Thank you."

After Blain left the room, I stared at Jonah, who was frantically throwing his things together in a plastic carrier bag. "You're really going to let him kill you?"

"Yeah," Jo-Jo replied. "If it means that I don't have to live without Luke, then yeah."

"You really love him, don't you?"

"Yes," Jo-Jo ducked his head. Then he picked up his bag, and gave me a feirce hug. He kissed the top of my head. "But I love you as well. You're my best mate."

"I'm coming with you," I decided.

"What?" Jonah looked confused.

"If Blain's gonna kill you, he's gonna have to kill me too," I said, grabbing the bag Ben had sent me round with. Jonah opened his mouth to protest, but I shook my head. "We don't have time to argue Jonah," I said. "C'mon. We're going to London."



A/N: Okay, so I just thought I'd let you guys know about something really weird that happened today.

So we took Oliver's little brother (who's nine) Cedric's little sister (who's eleven) and my cousins (who're eight and six) to play in the park, and we were playing football (soccer if you're american) with Kyra and Jamie (my cousins) and these two little boys came over and asked if they could play.  We said yes and Kyra asked them their names and the dark haired one goes "I'm Jonah and this is Blain." Cedric, Oliver and I were just like 'whoa. freaky much?' but to make it even weirder little Jonah missed a goal and little Blain smacked him in the chest and said he was stupid and pathetic.

Weird, right?

Also, I updated the character pics again :)


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