Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 44





            I sent Ethan a text saying that I’d be going home with Irvine to do another report. But I was feeling so damn guilty for doing that and I wanted to plant my face in the dirt. “I’m sorry, Irvine.” I looked down on my cold hands that were looking too pale for the warm weather. “Bear with me until Ethan graduates, and I swear I’ll do whatever it is you ask me to do with Jaycee—like let some hobo rape him or something.”

            Irvine patted my head reassuringly. “Sure, just promise me you’ll give me a call if he does something stupid. Wherever it is or whatever time it is, I’ll even drag Cairo with me if you’re worried about him laying a finger on me. Though— I doubt that.” He scratched his head and smiled at me angelically, and I felt a bit glad that he’s being supportive at the most crappy times.

            “Thanks, Vine. I really owe you big time.” I smiled back at him, though it was rather unconvincing. It wasn’t like I was looking forward to this fake-but-somehow-real date. I didn’t even bother prepping myself up for the night; not a powder on my cheek, and not even a strand of my hair was combed into decency. “I’ll try to not get into more trouble.”

            He cocked his eyebrow and rolled his eyes like he was ready to slap the reality of my own words into my face. “Yeah, yeah. Where are you two supposed to meet by the way?”

            “At Nimwel’s,” I sighed. “I never thought of Jaycee being the old-fashioned-candlelit-dinner-date kinda guy, but at least he wasn’t planning on getting me naked on our first date...” I couldn’t help but groan on my last words.

            “Scream,” Irvine smiled his one sided smile again. “Scream if he touches you anywhere else other than the tip of your hair and fingers.”

            I laughed— a real one this time. “What? What if he touches me at my back or something? I’ll just go screaming myself off in public?”

            Well, that earned me a smack on my forehead. “Idiot.” He tipped my chin and tried—yes tried to threaten me with his sharp gaze, but I guess he was unaware that he failed because he was just too cute. “Are you saying that you’ll let him touch you as far as that? He doesn’t even deserve to be near you.”

I felt my own pride shatter in front of my best friend, I hated it when he was always the one who knew the right stuff, and I always looked like the frustrated-mistake-maker baby he babysits. “I know, I’m sorry—I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Call me,” He distanced himself from me, but his eyes remained glued into mine. “I’m serious. It’s the only way I could forgive myself from letting you go on a date with that heap of trash.”

I nodded and bit my lip. “Sorry,  really, I’m sorry Irvine.”

“You can say you’re sorry all you want, but tonight’s gonna be the last of his crap.” His eyes were focused from the distance, and I couldn’t find the right meaning to his words. He didn’t sound like he was mad, threatening, or anything else. He was just—stoic.

Irvine was always the quiet one, the one who would just stare until the crowd settles down. But that just made him stand out more... When the crowd was all gone, he has the stage all for himself.

Irvine... What act is he trying to put up this time?


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