Going Under
Author: UndeadBeauty

Chapter 1

^*^*^*^ Aden ^*^*^*^


"You don't have to do this if you don't wanna." I whisper, Lea turns and looks at me, her eyes proud. "No, I'm fine."

She walks into the movie theater with Sierra and the others, already shaking a bit. I knew this would be too scary for her...

Within the first few minutes of the last Saw movie, she calms, remembering that all this is behind a screen.

Guts fly everywhere, blood and screaming, shattered bones, but nothing phases her. She pushes her hair from her eyes and continues to watch, completely unaffected, and showing signs of falling asleep on some occasions.

When the movie ends, the theater empties within a matter of seconds, 3D glasses hurriedly thrown away, shivering kids and even some shaky parents walking out to their cars.

"You okay?" I ask.

Lea smiles and nods. "Totally. that movie was fake."

I thought it was pretty freaky, but then again, nothing really scares Lea.


"Alright! Time for a game." Sierra smiles.

"Spin the bottle?" she suggests, before I can protest, she slams an  empty champagne bottle on the carpet and spins it. Me. Uh oh.

She spins it again, and it points to Lea. I've been crushing on her since we were little, but I've never kissed her...

Lea looks at me and shrugs, putting on her brave face.

She leans towards me and gives me a quick peck on the cheek. Holy crap.

"That was SO not a kiss!" Sierra glares.

"I have to French him?" Lea asks, sighing.

Sierra nods, oh God.

Lea leans towards me again, holding the back of my head to her and sliding her tounge in my mouth. I've kissed girls before, so I know what to do, when we pull away from eachother, I feel like I'll piss myself, and Sierra stares at us blankly.

"It's no fun when you enjoy it!" she scowls.

"My turn." Lea smiles, licking her lips and spinning the bottle.

It lands on Connor, then on Sierra. Sierra's liked Connor for years now, this may have been her chance! Had he not gotten up and walked away suddenly.


"Let's play a different game." Lea says happily.



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