No Motive
Author: Joel Rey

Chapter 7

William and John were in the infirmary. Danny had had a couple of the guards drag them there after Scar had knocked them out and escaped. John had woken up and chased after her, he'd even got off a couple of shots but he missed. John told Danny that he was fine but Danny insisted that John lay in bed until the doctors checked them out and the doctors had checked them out twenty minutes ago. John figured that Danny just liked messing with him. They had to see if Scar had given William and John a concussion but they checked out just fine with only minimal bruising. They were just lying in the cots and William was lying there willingly but John had had to be strapped down to the bed because they were worried that he'd try and go after Scar right now.

"Let me off of this damn thing! Danny when I get out of here I kill you! Do you hear me Danny? I'll kill you!" Even scar hadn't struggled this much. John was much more wild than Scar and more furious than her as well.

"John could you just calm down." William was pleading with John but right now nothing would get though to him right now. They had had Scar in their clutches and then she had somehow turned off the lights all over the building and jumped from her seat, while still wearing handcuffs, only to kick John and William in their heads then run right out of the place where she had brought herself. Scar was good at playing her little game.

"William you shut the hell up or else I'll kill you right after Danny," he spoke to William only for a moment and then when back to screaming at Danny. "Danny let me out of here right now! I can still catch that bitch!" John was getting annoying so Danny sent someone in with a heavy drug to put John under sedatetion to put John under for as long as it could. He put it into John's elbow and injected John with the contents of the needle. "What the hell is that?” John screamed the question. "What is that..." John trailed off because of the sedation was taking affect. The peace and quiet was much better than John yelling his curses and threats at Danny.

"Thanks man. But you should really get out of here before he wakes up or he'll take out his threats on you." William warned the man and the man took him seriously. William sat up and Danny walked in. "Hello, Danny." Danny had a smirk on his face probably happy that he had shut John up.

"Hey, William. You feeling better?" Danny was worried about William after the hit he took. William was always kind to Danny so Danny had always cared for him even though he would send him into a situation where he would most likely die without a second thought.

"Yeah but that girl sure can kick. How'd she do it Danny? I mean how'd she get the lights to go out?" William was still puzzled trying to figure out how Scar had managed to turn the lights off in the entire building. Scar was good. So good that she could've killed John and William right then William was sure of it. Scar had been extremely nice to William and constantly scolded John. Was this all part of Scar's game? It had to be. If it weren’t a part of scar's game it wouldn't have made sense to leave them alive. They were the ones that were always chasing her and they knew the most about her which meant that they were the most likely to catch her so if she killed them she would no longer have to worry about them and she could start a new game with some new detectives.

"Scar placed an EMP generator next to our main power generator. It was a small and weak one but it was strong enough to put all of our power out for five full minutes. Scar must have someone on the inside because for all we know she never even got near our main generator. I'll be handling the search for the mole while you two will be continuing your search for Scar. Be careful and don't get yourselves killed." Danny had just confirmed what Scar had told them. That Scar had a mole in the FBI but who in the FBI would help a serial killer? William couldn't answer that question.

There was no time for this line of thinking they had to keep searching for Scar. "What are we going to do with sleeping beauty over there?" Danny looked at John like he didn't care if he was asleep or dead. John had always been a rude person so Danny didn't care whether he lived or died.

"He's your problem not mine. You can carry him out to the car or leave him here, I don't care." Danny walked out of the room then to allow William to do what he would with John. William thought about leaving him for a second but then that would make him do all the work so he decided against that plan. William threw John over his shoulder and carried him out of the D.C. office. If someone had helped him by giving him a wheelchair or something like that it would have been a lot easier. He threw him in the backseat of the car and took the keys out of his pocket. John was going to be out for a while which meant William would have to carry him again to get him into the motel. William started up the car and headed toward the nearest motel.

John woke up and looked around not sure where he was until he remembered what had happened. "Danny!" John shouted and then his cell phone rang. Speak of the devil. If Danny had knocked on the door John probably would have opened it up and said hello with a punch.

"You son of a bitch!" John yelled into the phone at Danny his rage boiling out at the fact that he had been sedated. It was lucky that Danny wasn't there with John or Danny probably would have had a few broken bones.

"Nice talking to you John. This time Scar hit Murfreesboro. I'm sure she's long gone but I want you to check it out. A plane is waiting in the D.C. airport." Danny hung up not bothering to say good-bye. That was just Danny's way. He always said what he had to say and then ended the conversation with people he disliked.

"Come on Will." John moved slowly. William couldn't tell if that was because of the depression that had taken him yesterday or if it was because of the sedated that Danny had given him. For once William walked ahead of John and got into the passengers side to wait for John. John got in two minutes later.

Then they drove to the airport so that they could see Scar's next victim.

When they arrived they saw that the police were all around. They already had the bodies in bags and the house had burned down. It had burned to the ground and then William asked the cop that was in charge of the scene to tell him what was the most likely thing that had happened to the people who had been in this house. William knew that the story would be a horrible one but he needed to know nonetheless.

Scar had killed four people this time. This was the largest number he had killed at once and the people had known each other. At first she had been killing people in singles but this time she had taken a whole family. A family of four had been in their cottage in the woods. The parents were named Mike Damon and Elaine Damon. The children were named Sophia and Robert Damon. They'd been going on a family trip that the mother hoped would bring them closer together. Instead it had gotten them all killed. Robert was fourteen and going through his teenage rebellious years and both parents were tired of it. Sophia was still just a child and had been complaining that she was hearing noises outside of the house. Robert, being her older brother was the most unlikely to believe her, so he told her she was just imagining it and the parents agreed. Sophia stormed out of the house that night to go into the woods and prove that she wasn't imagining it. She never came back. The police found her corpse when they had shown up on the scene. she had been tied to a tree before she died and while she was tied to the tree she had her throat sliced open.

When Sophia didn't come back the next day they tried to call the police but the phone lines were dead. The police found out later that the phone lines had been cut. Robert tried to get out of the house but the door was locked from the outside. Mike tried the windows but they were locked too. Scar had locked everything, to keep them inside of the house, and had been in the house with them. Scar decided to kill Robert first she stuck a butcher's knife through the boy's ribcage. It stabbed the lungs then the heart. He either died from blood loss and suffocation; the police didn't have the autopsy yet so they weren't sure. The only thing the police did know was that his death had been long and painful.

Mike had tried to retaliate for his son's death but Scar simply killed him as well. Scar hid long enough to get a coal on fire and grab it with an oven mitt. It had probably hurt her but Scar simply ignored the pain. She shoved the coal down his throat. He had burned from the inside out choking on the floor. Elaine had been next. Scar had filled the bathtub with gasoline then forced Elaine into the tub. She lit a match and dropped it into the tub then ran out as fast she could. Scar had killed this entire family gruesomely.

That's why the house had burned down.

"This game has gone on for to long." The way that these people had died upset William along with Scar's now count of nineteen kills. This was driving William crazy. Scar had killed nineteen people, had a mole in the FBI, had escaped from them while they had her in custody, and this time she hadn't even left a note to play the game with them. The only way that they could stop Scar was if she kept playing the game and decided that she was ready for the game to end.

"I know William. Let's just get to the motel. I'm tired of doing this." John had been taken by depression again. It seemed the roles had been reversed for John and William. William was the one complaining now and John was the one doing the comforting. What else was going to be reversed? John drove to the motel quietly his depression was the cause this time



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