No Motive
Author: Joel Rey

Chapter 6

"Hello?" John answered the phone happier than usual this time because they had saved a life from Scar’s rampage.

"John. It's Danny. We've got Scar. Come to the office in D.C." John was shocked at this news. Scar had eluded John and William for more than two months and now they just catch him like that.

"What the hell do you mean Danny? How the hell did you get Scar?" John was furious his happy move had dissolved to be replaced with his old sour demeanor.

"A plane is waiting. Get to D.C. and I'll fill you in on the details when you get here." Danny hung up not letting John yell at him again.

"They caught Scar?" William asked his face incredulous. There was no way they had caught Scar unless he wanted to be caught. Scar was having too much fun with the game to just let someone who wasn't even playing end it. This had to be a part of Scar’s game because if it wasn’t it wouldn’t make any sense.

"I don't know how but they did it. They have the son of a bitch in custody." John didn’t know what to do with himself so he was just staring at the floor. His purpose in life had become killing Scar and now the FBI had taken that purpose away from him. "Come on let's go." John didn't run out of the door as usual. He jut got up and started walking slower than usual. He was sad. This had to be his way of mourning not for the loss of his brother but for the loss of his life’s purpose.

William didn't know how to bring him out of it so he didn't try. They just got into their car and drove to the airport.  The silence was morbid to say the least.

They arrived at the D.C. office and walked in. Danny came running toward them. Danny was short he didn't look taller than five feet and four inches. He wore an extremely strong prescription of glasses and would have been completely blind if he took off the glasses.

"Where is he Danny?" John didn't bother with pleasantries. He just got right down to the business.

"Follow me." Danny told them they followed Danny into an interrogation room and found Scar there.

They'd gone to the bottom of the place and for some reason the lighting was very dim. The reason was probably because this was the oldest part of the building. They had only redone it three times and the last time had been thirteen years ago. The only reason Scar would have been here was because the FBI considered him highly dangerous and needed him to be on the bottom floor to keep from escaping.

Before they walked in Danny told them what they needed to know. "We don't have a name and yes John we tried running the prints but there was a problem with that. There were none. Scar burned them off with some sort of acid. Now you know why he's on ground Zero so be careful. And John remember that the cameras are watching and by that I mean don't shoot him."

“How’d you catch him, Danny?” William asked always being the kinder of the two.

“That’s the thing we didn’t. Scar just showed up on our doorstep and basically turned himself in. The handwriting matched too.” William knew it Scar may be crazy but he was smart he had started this game and now he was controlling it. This wasn’t a game it was Scar’s game and in it the only rules were Scar controls everything.

They walked in but the lights in here were even worse than the ones on the rest of the floor so they couldn't see Scar clearly. They only knew that Scar had long hair from what they could see.

William noticed the light on the table before John and turned it on. That's when they saw who Scar was. They had met Scar before but the name that Scar had given was most likely a fake. The only real name they knew to call Scar by was Julia Tanes. Scar was a woman.

"Hi boys," Scar spoke. She still had the hair over the right half of her face keeping the scar hidden. "Is my little game fun? Don't worry it's not over yet. I just wanted the chance to talk to you face to face. I thought that if I came and turned myself in you guys would show up eventually and what do you know here you are."

"You're the bitch that killed my brother!" John screamed at the top of his lungs at the woman. John was shocked that Scar could be a woman. She had gruesomely killed fourteen people.

"John Grimm you shouldn't use such foul language. You're a little potty mouth aren't you? Now that I'm done talking to the child maybe the adult would like to speak. Hello, William Chase. It's nice to finally meet you" She extended her hand to William as a greeting. Her hands were shackled so the other one hung limply by her right one.

"Hello." William grabbed her hand and shook it. William had decided to play her game. "You know it's only proper to give your name first." William tried to get her name but it was a fool's attempt.

"Now aren't you the sly one. You know that would ruin the little game we’re playing and where's the fun in that? I'll tell you where it is; nowhere." She couldn't get that grin off her face. The last time they met she had acted shy but that was all it had been an act. "You already know what I look like? Can't you just use that for an APB? What I'm wondering is why didn't I get any mug shots taken? You won't get another chance after I'm finished talking to you and plus I just love to smile for the camera don’t you?"

"What the hell-" John tried to yell at the lady but she cut him off by slamming her fist against the table.

"Now, John Grimm if you don't stop using language like that, the next person to die will be a member of your family." That shut John up. "You shouldn't interrupt when I'm trying to have a conversation with Mr. Chase. Understand?" She didn't give him a chance to answer.  "You took down the Chang gang from Bangkok correct, Mr. Chase?" They'd been a group of people who were involved in, the selling of children, illegal drug selling, murder, extortion, perjury and forgery. William had taken them down on a bust for cocaine and had collected witnesses and evidence for the rest.

"Yes, I did. And you killed fourteen people correct Ms. Scar?" William was playing this woman's game because that was the only way he saw to get her to talk. The game was a strange one.

"Fifteen actually. Look up Julia Tanes in your database. She's a missing person correct? She's buried under her garden. You know she makes great fertilizer for her plants. I make sure to water them every week or so." This woman was sick there had to be something wrong with her head. "Oh, John you killed Black and Ice correct?" Black had been a serial killer who had killed by hanging people from a tree and slitting their wrists. Ice had been a serial killer as well but killed people in two different ways, using an Ice Pick to a vital organ, usually the eye, or locking them in a cold box or one of those large freezers that restaurants have until they froze to death.

"Why the hell do you want to know?" John was angry with this lady. She'd treated William with respect but she had scolded John twice and then threatened his family. This woman was hated John for some reason.

"Because you should remember me." Why would John remember her? This was the first time, to his knowledge, that they had met. This woman was definitely crazy.

"Why the hell would I remember you?" John asked her in a cold voice. John’s temper was barely controlled. When he shouted it meant he was angry but when he got quiet and cold it meant he was furious and enraged.

"I was with Ice the night you killed him. I had been his girlfriend. You just busted in gun drawn and when Ice reached for his gun you shot him. The bullet went straight through his heart. You're a murderer just like me. You shoot first ask questions never. I tried to attack you afterwards and you pulled a knife on me." She pushed back the hair that covered the right half of her face then. "You gave me this." She pointed at the Scar that marred the right half of her beautiful face. "Well this talk has been fun, thank you, but now I've grown bored. I'll be leaving now goodbye Detectives Grimm and Chase." Her hands were handcuffed but she reached under the table.

"Where do you think you're going? John jumped up from his seat across from Scar making the chair fall backwards onto the floor.

"I'm leaving. Didn't you think I'd have a mole on the inside?" Then she did something with her hands under the table and a click was heard. Then the lights went out. John and William couldn't see anything but they heard a chair hit the ground. Then they felt something smash into both of their temples. John got hit first William next.

She was fumbling with the thing that her informant had given her. She finally found the switch and clicked the button. The lights went out because she had had her informant stick an EMP generator near the main power generator.

She jumped from her seat causing the chair to hit the cold steel that was the floor. She jumped again and gave John a kick to his temple effectively knocking him out. She kept spinning with the kick and hit William with a kick to the left temple doing the same to him. She regretted hurting William but it was necessary the game had to go on.

She slipped her hand into William's jacket and took his 9mm. When she went to the door and tried to open it she couldn't because the door was locked. She shot the doorknob and there was a hole where it used to be. She used her foot again to knock the door down then ran down the hallway.

Her informant had told her of an escape route that she could use. John should be waking up by now because of the noise of the gunshot so she had to hurry up. She had wasted at least a minute and thirty second and knew that she would only have five minutes after power went out to get out. She kept running down the hall and heard footsteps coming after her.

She found the metal drain pipe that she had been told would be there and climbed into it. It was smaller than she had been told but she fit nicely. She could hear John trying to squeeze in behind her but he didn't fit. John squeezed off one shot before she reached the end of the tunnel and it hit the metal around her. She reached the wider end of the tunnel and jumped the water below her was a lake and she wasn't high enough to die from impact so she jumped



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