The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 10
New York City

"So, are you ready?" Leon asks. "Ready for what?" I ask lazily. My thoughts are still on Brad. Leon raises his eyebrows at me and laughs. Then he lets go of the steering wheel, lets go of the steering wheel, and throws his arms up with a hoot and a holler. "Put your hands back on the wheel!" I yelp. He doesn't listen to me. Not at all. In fact, he puts his arms behind his head and grins. So I grab onto the steering wheel. And just in time because the road cuts off into a turn. He finally takes his hands down and grips the steering wheel. "What is wrong with you?" I glare. He gives me a huge smug smile. "We're going to New York." he says.

"I can't believe I agreed to this." I groan. I am now inside the airport, with Leon clenching my hand as we try to make it onto the flight in time. "I can't believe you did." Leon agrees. He yanks me to a halt. We've arrived. I grumble and complain the whole way into the airplane. "I don't even like, know you!" I cry, flinging my hands into the air as we plop down, into our seats. "Too late now." Leon shrugs. I glare at him. Then, the plane takes off.

I spend the whole ride gripping the armrests. I squeeze so hard, my knuckles turn white. "Scared of flying, huh?" Leon smiles. "Shut up." I mutter. He shakes his head, suppressing a grin.

When we finally land, it takes all of my strength not to run off and kiss the ground. Instead, I run down the staircase, shoving past people until I get to the ground. "Land!" I cry happily. Leon laughs at me. I roll my eyes. "Okay well, we better find a hotel." he says. I stare at him in disbelief. "You drag me to N.Y.C. and expect me not to sightsee?" I gap. Leon sighs. "Be back in an hour." he commands. I don't argue.

"Can you take me to the Statue of Liberty?" I ask the cab driver. "That's pretty far kiddo." he says, chewing his lip. I throw a bunch of twenties over the seat. "That enough?" I ask. We zoom off.

"Okay kiddo, we've arrived, you can leave now," the driver says impatiently. Probably wants to keep the change. Not a problem. I'm heading straight to Washington if Leon doesn't bankroll me. I stare in awe at the sight in front of me. "Thanks for the ride." I say, heading out the door. I slam the door behind me and walk off.

"Millenium Hilton Hotel." Leon calls me, minutes after I've started walking. "Okay....!" I sing. Not exactly sure of how to get to the Statue since it's in the middle of some oceany thing. I steal a boat and take off, relieved that I know how to sail.

I don't stay for long because I get bored after a couple of minutes. The other reason is because some guy is yelling at me to bring the boat back. I quickly zoom back to shore, cheeks burning. "Um, I thought it was mine." I lie, and run off before he can say another word. That was fun. I scoff to myself before ducking into another cab. I shake my head as I zoom over to Millenium Hilton.


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