Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 41
Fucking octopus






            “He nearly read your text last night.” I said without looking at his fuck-ass-face.

            “Is that so?” He slammed his fists on the wall, and strands of my hair got caught up in his fists. “Or were you trying to make him read it on purpose?”

            His face was so close to mine that I was so tempted to spit on his face, and thinking that I got dragged by him in the stock room with only the two of us here makes the urge a lot worse. “Didn’t you warn me about that already?” I said with deep anger on my voice. “Like I would try to get myself into more trouble than I already did...”

            He smirked at me, and it was one of those smiles that had a promise of danger in it. “It’s good that you know, sweetheart.” I felt the lower part of his body bump into mine, causing me to press my back as flat as possible on the wall to keep enough distance between the two of us. “Hey, you don’t have to resist, I know you want to do this.” He ran his fingers on the rim of my pants, and I could feel my heart throbbing on my chest like it wanted to throb the fucking hell out of Jaycee.

            “I don’t want this.” I spat with what’s left of my courage to stand up for myself. “Nor do I want you.”

            “Shut up.” He murmured in my lips while he parted it forcefully with his fingers. “Open your mouth, baby.” I cringed and tried to keep him from kissing me—or whatever he was planning to do with my mouth open. “Fuck, Lexi!” He snarled at me. “Get your damn loyalty out of the fucking way or I’ll seriously fuck it out of you, but I’d seriously want that, you know?

He pushed his body against mine brutally, and I gasped. “What are you doing?!” I cried out, trying to shove him away from me but he was like a little fucking octopus that had the rest of me tied up and helpless from his attacks.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m trying to kiss my lovely girlfriend!” He cupped my face and pushed his tongue inside my mouth, I would have bit him if he didn’t have his fingers stopping my jaw from snapping like an angry crocodile, smart ass.

For a moment I lost myself from his kiss, I felt violated by some stranger I hate with all of my heart. If only I could scream and be heard in this room, but that was impossible, which is why this stock room was usually the place where bitches and jocks fuck the thwack out of each other without getting caught.

It’s just a kiss. I said to myself. No one but the two of us is gonna know about this, and this is certainly not the time for my tears to come bursting out.

I didn’t have to be aware of how Jaycee was kissing me, but I was so aware of how the taste of cigarettes had spilled through my mouth—when Ethan always left the taste of mint on my tongue.

By this time, I knew how both kisses differ. How Jaycee’s kiss was empty and cold, while Ethan’s had me feeling all loved and warm inside—and the difference is what makes all of this painful, and simply knowing that the kisses aren’t from the man I love—everything seemed wrong.

“Be on a date with me,” He said as he pulled his nasty lips away from mine. “Oh yeah, I wasn’t asking if you want to come on a date with me, because you already are going on a date with me whether you like it or not.”

“You fucking bastard.” I said through gritted teeth. “Tides turn, and soon the waves will come crashing down on you.”

He slid his hand inside my shirt, tugging on my breasts outside of my bra. “Pretty poetic, sweetheart, I love it.” I tried to pull his hands away but he just grabbed my breasts with a force that made me flinch. “I love you, Alexine, I’ll meet you tomorrow night at six.”

“You wish.” I murmured.

“You know what happens when little girls don’t play by the rules.” He gave me one last peck on the lips. “Let’s not do foolish things before graduation week, shall we?”

And that was all he had to say to keep me from saying Yes.












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