Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 29

 I lay, staring at the ceiling. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. Midnight. Dav hadn't given me any inclination as to when he'd be back, but the pub closed at quarter to twleve, so it I lay, staring at the ceiling. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. Midnight. Dav hadn't given me any inclination as to when he'd be back, but the pub closed at quarter to twleve, so it should've been any time soon. Everytime he went out, I fought to stay awake until he got back. I didn't always manage it. As I wriggled into as comfortable a position as my sore back would allow, I felt my eyelids get heavier and heavier. Yawning and stretching, I felt my body relax and I drifted into unconciousness.


I woke up to the sound of birds twittering outside the window. I opened my eyes and blinked blearily. Dav was back, lying on his back on the bed beside me, snoring softly. I swung my legs out of bed and wandered over to the window. I took hold of the curtain and twitched it open, letting a small chink of light through. Dav groaned. "Leave it, Ry," He mumbled, sleepily. "My head's banging."

"Ok," I said, quietly, closing the curtain again. I looked over at him. "D'you want some painkillers, sweetie?"

"Yeah, go on then," He said. I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed two parecetamol tablets from the cabinet. After dashing into the kitchen and getting a glass of water I took them back to the bedroom and gave them to Davey. He swallowed them, then hooked his arm around my neck. "Good boy." He kissed my cheek.

"No problem," I snuggled closer to him. "Did you have a good night?"

"Mm. Blain didn't turn up. Probably went home to Jonah and started crying about how I was being such a bastard, same way as he always does," Dav sighed.

"Well," I shrugged, smiling at Dav. "You didn't actually didn't anything, did you? He was just being a prick."

"Exactly," He pressed his lips on the top of my head. "At least you understand."

"Of course I do, babe," I said, giving his hand a squeeze. "D'you want something to eat? It'll help if your not well."

"You're so good to me," He took his arm from around me and I walked into the kitchen.

I didn't really make that much effort with breakfast, but I made Dav his favourites; a bowl of Frosties, peanut butter on toast, tea with milk and two sugars and a glass of fruit juice.I loved the simplicity of everything Dav loved. It meant he was easy to keep happy. I smiled as I set the tray down on his lap and he grinned at me. I lay with him while he ate. Then he put his arms around me. "You really are a little sweetheart, aren't you, Ryan?" He said, kissing my forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too," I said, happily. That was the second time this month he'd told me he loved me. That was more often than usual - although I think once last year he told me three times one month. He must've really meant it. I smiled, snuggling into him. I knew Dav probably wasn't everybodys type, but to me he was beautiful and perfect in every single way.


Davey took me round to Blain's later on that evening; they were going out and Blain wanted me to watch Jonah and Adam. Since Jonah pulled his little vanishing trick, Blain didn't trust him alone in the flat. And I guess it was just more convinent if I looked after Adam too. I remembered what Dav had thought about me having an affair with Jonah, though, and thought it was a little risky. I didn't say anything about it to him. I didn't want to spoil his good mood. Dav squeezed my hand before he left the flat and leant down to whisper in my ear. "Adam's gonna tell me if you muck about with Jonah, okay?"

"Okay," I smiled. "I won't."

"Good lad," He kissed my head. "I'll see you later, love."

"See you, darling," I replied, watching him walk out of the flat with Blain.



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