rawr a book of rhyms, absoulutly short stories,writing, and really fun quotes
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 1
a pie from my heart

one day me and my friends were thinking what would be the worst thing that could happen if you ask a guy out, hope this never happens to us girls.


A Pie from My Heart


Written by Amy Eidem

            A long yesterday ago a young girl named Amy decided to tell her crush that she liked him. She wrote a letter in her favorite notebook, explaining that she liked him. She gave it to her best friend Leighanne. Leighanne gave it to Amy’s crush Alex.

            In the note she decided to ask him out. The note also had a made-up story of the worst that could happen to Amy and her social life because of the note. Now Amy was just waiting and waiting for a answer

            Amy was in fourth period, math, and the most boring class in the history of the world. She was doodling on her math homework. All over it was her name, Amy, along with Alex’s last name. All the sudden a surprise announcement was made over the intercom “all students go to the gym”.

            Everyone rushed from their seats entirely happy that they could get away from the “thinking” class. I ran to the gym in a rush to see what all the excitement was about.

            When everyone was seated in the gym our principal Mr. Jones made an announcement. “We have a very special announcement from one of our very own students, Alex” he whispered into the microphone.

            Alex ran down from the highest row of bleachers. “Amy” he called once he was in the middle of the gymnasium. I was in the first row so I easily got up and walked over to him in a daze. I wondered what the hay was going on.

            I stood by him confused and clueless. Alex kneeled down on one knee. I bent down beside him.” This is something I’ve wanted to give you since the moment I met you.” He yelled loudly so everyone could hear him. We both leaned closer. Gasps were gasped all from different directions flooding into my ears. Is he going to kiss me?

            I closed my eyes. My face felt wet and slippery. In the nick of time I had whip cream, blueberries, and pie crust stuffed into my face. It’s All over my hair. I groaned.  He had put a pie in my face “holy shrimp” I screeched with my lungs.

            I licked my lips. “Gross. Blue berries.” Blueberries were definitely not one of my favorites. The whole auditorium was roaring and raging with laughter’s. I looked up at him.

            Tears flooded from my eyes, slipping down my face, at a rapid pace. He smiled a grin so huge as well as mean. The devil danced around in his eyes. I put my head down with embarrassment.


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