reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 5
death threats

Kyle picks me up at my house. His eyes sparkle from the sun shining off the white melting snow.

As I get into school I go to my locker and Kyle walks away to go talk to some buddies. I try to open the locker in a hustle and the numbers don’t work. I try again, slowly this time. The locker opened and a note fell out. I figured it was from Kyle. I put the note in my pocket and save it for latter.

Lesley is behind me when I turn around. “You’re dating him?” she asks. A word comes out each time she chews her gum.

“Yeah, he’s really sweet.” I say quickly trying to get her on my side. She had never really liked the popular kids.

“How does he even know you?” her voice is a girly-kind of thick and emotionless all swirled together.

“You know how I had that concussion two years ago? While he was a volunteers who helped me. That’s why my mom and dad already knew him when he meted my parents last night”

She starred at me. “I learned that you were dating someone after your parents.” Her arms crossed against her chest. Her voice has a hint of anger in it, as does her face.

“Look, I’m sorry. If you were at school yesterday you would have known.” I give her a guilty card, as if it’s her fault.

She shakes her head. “This is not my fault!” her dyed pink her blows around. Shit, she caught me trying to fake her.

‘look I don’t give a…” I stop myself from cussing. “You weren’t here. Clearly your fault.”

One of Kyle’s friends stands behind Lesley making faces. “Hey pretty lady, want to go out with me?” she is unfamiliar of the voice.

“No, pervert.” She says and then she realizes who it is. She turns around. “Oh...My...Shrimp...I’m so sorry I was just joking.” She is facing dean Laurel, who’s probably the second cutest guy. “sure.”

Then she turns back to me. “See you were the first one to know, not my parents.”

“But see I was here at school to witness it.” I throw back at her. “Ha, ha, ha I win.” But I don’t actually laugh.

Its amazing how much we fight being competitive as best friends. “You won this one, but just wait and see.” Her hair shakes around as she jumps for no reason. Lesley had always been a weird one.

Kyle comes over and our hands meet. We walk to my class together. “see you latter, babe.” And he walks away to his class.





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