Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 125
Faces in the Crowd






















Familiar expressions

From strangers in the street

Tapping toes and nodding heads

From every one you meet.

Jazz beneath the fairy lights

Good smells from the grill

Balmy night beneath the stars

At the village festival.


White haired ladies laugh a lot

And sing familiar songs,

The walking group at Pars Kebab

Is swaying in a throng.

Dancing eyes and merriment

Contagious in the street,

Tapping toes and nodding heads

From every one you meet.


The fun group in the caravan

Belt out a great old tune

The classics from the thirties

Like "Shine on Harvest Moon".

And a riotous rendition

In comic repartee

Of "Abba Dabba Dabba"

And the crowd just roared with glee.


The feature of the evening

Her songs should not be missed

Was the lady singing solo

With her pianist's nimble wrist.

Fascinating presence,

With magnificent in tone

And the richness of her voice

Had our attention set in stone.


Sticky fingers, pork chops

Hot fish and chips, kebabs

Cold beers and a good merlot

Rum and coke, corn cobs.

The barbecue smells great tonite

The fairy lights in trees,

Community in festival

A fun night that's sure to please.


The groovers on the corner

Are grinding out some shock

An old thumper from the "Rolling Stones"

And the crowd begins to rock.

The expressions on the faces

Of the people standing by

Are at one with the euphoria

Of this magic in the sky.


Smiling eyes and happy folk

Dancing in the street,

Tapping toes and nodding heads

From every one you meet.

Wonderful community

Good feeling in the air

And warm pride in our village

And the people dwelling there.




Mangere Bridge

18 April 2009



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