reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 4
you have a boyfriend?

Mom’s eyes are full of curiosity. Dad’s eyes are full of questions. I bet there wondering who he is. Instead mom walks up and gives Kyle a hug. “So good to see you again Kyle” She says. She knows him?

 “How do you know him?” this time I speak out loud.

“Sweetie, he was the nice boy who volunteered to help take care of you after your little head incident.” Mom explains it to me very clearly.

“That’s why I don’t remember.” I smile has I recall my bad concussion I got two years ago. During that few months I lost a little bit of my memory. It’s a small world.

Kyle and dad shake hands and Kyle walks back over to me. He wraps his hand around my waist. I smile. Dad shakes his head approvingly.

“We-we made lazonya” I stutter.

“oh..just like you always trying to get off the embarrassing subject. So is this your boyfriend?” mom asks teasingly.

Meagan walks into the room.

“y-ye-yes-yes” I stutter un-stoppable. Meagan’s mouth drops.

“You actually like her?” she doesn’t let him answer. “I never thought the day would come when you would date a guy.” She ranted. “I even thought I would marry before you date, you know that’s a funny sto…” I block her voice out of my head and I just keep blushing.

Kyle laughs

“So are you staying over for dinner?” dad asks, his voice a little croaky and hoarse.

“Nah- I don’t think so…” he tries to find an excuse of why he can’t stay and comes up speechless.

“Well it’s only fair, you helped make it.” Mom continues. “You must stay.” she says sweetly. Her high cheek-bones smile.

“Well, I guess.” He smiles, but doesn’t show his teeth. His hair flops a little as he sits down in a chair next to me.

“Meagan, get the food!” dad yells.

“Huh. How rude?” she gets the food, and puts it on the table. She looks bored as she sits there watching Kyle and I talk to dad and mom. “That’s it. I’m going to my room.” She goes off. Mom and dad act like they didn’t even hear her talk.

The night seems endless, in a good way. I make brownies, and we all eat dessert together. Meagan stays with us this time.

The night seems good. “Kyle has a wonderful personality. “ Mom keeps whispering in my ear compliments.

Kyle gets up towards the door. “I have to go, I have a ton of homework.” He turns the handle.

A cold breeze is blown in and I shiver from under my jacket. Before he leaves I ask him. “What is your favorite color?”

“Let’s see…” he thinks for a moment.

“I like red. A dark red. Like the red color of blood.” I could have sworn he swiftly licked his lips. “While goodbye.”

I follow him outside, I feel a little freeze. We kiss quickly. I wave goodbye, with my numb hand as he pulls out of the driveway.



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