reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 3
ditching school

 I get out of the car and walk up the icy steps to my house. “You coming I ask?” he hurries up and is right behind me in a moment. I struggle opening the top lock of the door with my key. Finally I get inside. The house is warm.

          It has a fresh aroma of chocolate. Where was the chocolate coming from? I turn around to see Kyle spraying chocolate smelling air freshener. Little squirts come out. He cusses and says that he used it all. I stare at him with disbelief. He takes notice of my glaring eyes.

“What? Your house smelled like germ-x” his face makes a “oh, gosh, I’m going to gag” face as he finished his sentence.

“Boy, your funny” I comment. I pull a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave. I hit some buttons. Beep. Beep. Beep. The microwave turns on. It lights up. The little plate inside the microwave spins around.

I walk over to the shelf by our flat screen television. That’s where we kept our movie collection. “What do you want to watch?” I ask him.

“Doesn’t matter” he tells me.

I pick a random movie and slip it into the DVD player. The microwave goes off. Kyle grabs the cooked hot popcorn. He pours it into a bowl. I grab the remote and start the movie. Kyle sits the popcorn on the table across from the coaches. Kyle sits down on the love seat. I don’t weigh a lot in fact I can put a anaerobic to shame so it didn’t hurt him when I sat down on his lap in a cute kind of way.

We sit there for almost two hours. Casually we make out during the boring parts. Truthfully we’ve both seen this “boring” movie. When the movie finishes I get up and get some leftover chicken from Wednesday, two days ago. I separate it into two bowls. I put it on the table. I grab two sodas out of the fridge. We both sit down at the table.

“So what’s you phone number?” he asks curiously.

“555-623-1872” I tell him.” It’s my cell phone.” I finish the sentence. “What’s your phone number” it’s now my turn to ask him now.

“Don’t you worry I will be over here so much you won’t even need to call me” he teases.

“Seriously, what’s your phone number?” I really do want to know his phone number, just in case, if anything ever happens.

“I’m not kidding.” His expression and tone becomes serious.

“Okay whatever.” I moan with disappointment in my tone.

I hear the backdoor crack open. “Just a moment” I tell him. I get up from my seat. I grab Meagan’s photo album. I bet she thought I was still at school and she’s ditching with Dakota.

I sit down on her bed and close the door. I hear the door open. Her expression is surprised and mad when she sees me. Then her eyes look down at the open baby scrapbook. I smile a “ha ha I wasn’t lying” grin.

I pat the bed and motion for Dakota to sit beside me. I point to the pictures. “This was Meagan’s first bath, this was Meagan spitting out food, and this was Meagan potty training. I get to the last page. It has a picture of Meagan crying her face off. She was twelve and this was her first break up with a boy. That boy was Dakota but they got back together. “This was her first break up with you.” Dakota continued laughing. Meagan blushed with fury.

She ran out of the room. “Uh oh” I hear her say in her devious way. I don’t care what she was doing. I continued showing Dakota the photo album. Kyle! I almost forgot. Kyle was out there.

I ran out of the room. She was sitting by Kyle. He was laughing. In her hands was my baby album. I blushed. “Meagan Ann liziote get to your room now” I scream in her face.

 “Oh… you used my middle name. I’m scared." She talks back, but she still hurries to her room. I snatch the baby album out of Kyle’s hands. “Not okay.” I tell him.

The conversation was dropped. Kyle and I cooked dinner. He showed me a new lazonyah recipe. So we tried that out. We took a little longer then what was needed. Through all my years of cooking experience I’ve never had that much fun, or got that much dirty. As I slip the pan in the oven mom and dad walk in.



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