reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 2
first kiss to warn others. Back off

Beep!!!! My alarm clock went off. Beep!!!! The alarm went off again. I got up out of bed. My feet sting as I walked across my bedrooms cold wooden floor. The coldness got threw my socks. Beep!!! I hurried over to the alarm clock. I tuned it off. My feet were now numb.

I got up and ran into the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and went back into my room got changed into my very war cloths that I had placed out yesterday. When I was done I went into the kitchen and ate a bowl of cereal. I grabbed my backpack that was on the floor. I pulled on my coat and threw on my sneakers. I grabbed my car keys out of my purse. I would have driven my car home yesterday but my mom had to take it. I left the house and got in my car. I started backing out of the driveway.  I suddenly slammed the brakes. The tires screeched. I moved my head.

“Hello” he said.

 “What are you doing in my car?” I asked angrily.

 “Chill out. I just thought I’d freaking get a ride with you.” Kyle said worked up and madly.

“How’d you get in my car? Did you break in?” I asked him.

“I know things,” he told me.

 I started pulling out of the driveway. He really shocked me, and I didn’t know what he meant. I know things? I pondered his answer. Why did this cute boy all the sudden want me? I didn’t care. I assumed that this relationship thingy wouldn’t work out. I mean what do you expect. I just met him.

I drove down the long highway for a few minutes. I took a side road that happened to have even more traffic. I pulled down another road. It was narrow. It was nothing but dirt and bumps. Trash was all over the road. Disgusting, I thought. I took the road anyways.

           I arrived at school a few minute early. During the ride Kyle and I didn’t talk. We didn’t even attempt small chat. We sat in the car with the engine on. It was too cold to turn it off.

          “Do you like me, you know, before I asked you out?” he asked. Curiosity was in his voice. He probably was wondering if I was obsessive and clingy, or how much he could control me. My real father left when I was four because he was to controlling to mom. Well he didn’t leave. Mom kicked him out.

“Kyle, get this in your head, all the girls want you. Of course I thought you were cute but I didn’t dare talk to you. It would be the head of this week’s gossip. I’m just not obsessive and clingy like other girls. I’d rather have warmth then a man.”

“That’s exactly how I feel” he told me.

“What?” This was news to me.

“Every boy and girl in this town talks about you. Desperate boys and jealous girls always talk about you. I was too scared to talk to you. Every other boy told me that you would say no, only in pure madness that you had said no to them.”

What this was scarring me. Was this why I had so little friends? Was this true?

“I have never even said no to more than a couple boys.” I told him. I was so sure of myself.

“46” he says starring at the crowd that is filling the sidewalks.

“And what is that.” I ask. What did that number mean?

“46 are the number of guys you turned down since you started going here.” He tells me. Maybe he’s the obsessive one.

“Wow, that many?” I say as I say as I stare at the crowd. They began to notice us.

“Yeah im a little obsessive.” Did you catch that? The world’s cutest boy just admitted he’s obsessive about me, me of all people. Holy shrimp, something seems fishy.

“You’re not just saying this cause you want to hook up?” I dare to ask him after all that suspicious flattery.

“Damn no” he says in hurt full shock. I now feel bad.

I bring us to another subject. “So why couldn’t you wait till today to ask me out?” I ask.

“That boy over there was going to ask you out. He points to another jock, A boy who he normally hangs out with. He’s not the cutest of the bunch.

“Thanks” I say.”I really like you” I half lie.

 I embrace him in for a long breath-taking kiss when the boy he mentioned earlier started starring at me.

As I pushed him off trying to breath he said, “you have had experience.”

I nod. Okay, so I fibbed again. That had been my first amazing real French kiss, but I won’t go into details about past relationships that didn’t work out.

 We both grab our stuff and get out of the car. As we walk down the halls I hold his sweaty palm. I had to keep up my act. I make it to my locker. He kisses me intently with another breath taker. He walks away backwards. His eyes look so desperate for more. Kissing was all that’s going to go on, I’m not going to lose my purity over some maybe cute loser.

Though I had to admit he tempts me. He has a muscular hot body, made for every sport known to man. His face slides threw my brain on an imaginary slide show of every time I’ve ever seen him. This is a long slideshow. Ding……….. I hear the background music. I stand in the hallway. I stare at nothing. The slideshow keeps going and going. Ding…. The slideshow is still playing. The halls crowd with people. I feel shale on my arm.

I keep standing there. I’m watching the end of my slideshow in my head. I feel someone kiss me. It was not the now familiar taste of Kyle’s saliva. I open my eyes. Christ, a jock football player is lip locking with me. As I notice what’s happening I push him off. “Gross!” I yell as I wipe his saliva off my soft moisture lips. Kyle runs through the hallway coming towards me. “Don’t you ever freaking do that again.” I yell at Chris. I slap him across his cheek as hard as possible. He stands there amazed. His cheek isn’t red enough. I go to slap him again but then Kyle wraps his arms around me. Kyle grabs my hand. He drags me away as I yell. “I have a boyfriend” to the now no longer cute and way annoying Chris.

“What happened” Kyle asked confused.

“Do you really want to know?” I yell at him.

“Jeez” he sounds uncomfortable.

“Sorry, I know it’s not your fault” I try to talk him out of being mad.

I keep walking down the hall past my class.

“Where are you going you just passed your class?

“Stalker” he didn’t have the same class as me for second. He didn’t speak he kept quite. He must be a smart boy. I giggle at the word smart. I change my sentence around. He’s not a stupid boy.

I walk out the doors to the school. I fast walk through the parking lot I didn’t take my big jacket off during school so I was still warm. I take out my keys and unlock my car. I get inside the car and turn the heater up as high as possible.

The snow was still falling lightly. Yuck. I’m sick of snow but I’m used to it. Today was just another day in Skagway Alaska. I slide through the snow backing out. I was being carefully trying not to hit any cars.

As we drive to my house I keep muttering stuff. “You’re my boyfriend”, “they have to respect it, and he was a horrible kisser. Not that I participated." I ranted on and on. I probably got annoying, but he didn’t say anything he sat there quite as a stone.




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