reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 1
Kyle Themastit

Kyle Themastit the cutest boy in school just caught me. I normally would be lying on the floor bruised asking myself why are you such a klutz. Instead I was dazed as I looked into his sparkling green eyes full of compassion.

“Are you all right?” he asked in his soft voice.  

“Uh…yeah” I whispered.

          He let me back onto my feet. “Are you sure?” he asked with sympathy as I wobbled around. I felt dizzy. “Yes” I said comely trying to reassure him. I quickly ran off. I felt embarrassed. I had never talked to him before.

          Luckily the day was over and I could avoid any other accidents that would attract more attention. I headed towards my locker. I opened the locker with my memorized combination. I grabbed my books and stuffed them into my old bulky backpack that was still wet from this morning fall in the snow. I turned around to look if my friend Lesley was there. Kyle was staring at me. I turned back around, avoiding his glare.

          I yanked my big puffy coat out of the locker. It wouldn’t come out. I yanked again still nothing. I pulled one more time with all my might. It came out, but I was falling backwards. I felt hands on my back. I was on my feet. I turned around once again facing Kyle.

“Were you watching me” I asked curiously. Was he?

“No I um…was…” he stuttered trying to think of something. “ I was walking by” he announced confidently to me.

          He handed me my jacket. “Thanks” I muttered. As he walked away I heard him say, “The target to this mission is going to be easy” To one of his friends. He was playing a boyish game. He had no interest in me whatsoever. I was sure of that.

          I got into my big jacket, zipped it up, shut my locker, and headed out to the school exit. The snow was falling slightly in little snowflakes. I opened the door then shut it.  I stomped threw the mushy snow making my way to my home. It was a long three blocks walk through the piles of snow.

          My ice cold hands had to slip the not very warming gloves off to open the door. I rushed inside. I was full of frostbite. I threw my coat off and on the coat rack. I hurried to the stove. I boiled water to make hot chocolate. When it was ready I threw a couple of marshmallows into the cup. I sipped it slowly letting the warm taste run through my throat.  

          As I started washing my cup out after my relaxing drink I heard the back door open quietly. I heard a screech from the door. I ran into my sister’s room. I knew what she was doing. I sat down on the bed. The door opened. I caught her by surprise. Her and her boyfriend Dakota were waiting in the door way.

“You know the rules.” I told her innocently. She pretends to yawn. “Leave the door open” I commanded her as I walked out the door.

          My sister Meagan was fourteen and on her last year of eighth grade. She had more than once tried to sneak into her room. She thought I was a monster for never letting her have any privacy. I knew she wouldn’t do anything but I protected her by making sure. I had decided that since she snuck in so commonly that after Dakota leaves ill threaten her that next time she sneaks in I’ll be waiting with the baby pictures. That would defiantly make her use the front door.

          I let Meagan and Dakota stay in the room while I did my long hard homework. I was doing collage credit classes and I normally spent long hours on homework. It was so much easier to concentrate when there is peace and quiet.  As long as Meagan didn’t start making a lot of noise I would leave her to herself.

           Dakota left at five giving me enough time to talk with Meagan before mom got home.

“Next time you sneak in with him I’ll be waiting with the baby pictures” I told her sternly.

“You wouldn’t” she seemed so sure.

“Test Me,” I told her. I knew she was to embarrassed of the bath pictures to sneak in.

 “And what if I do?” she asked testing how far I would go.

”Let’s just say you wouldn’t be able to get in the back door” I told her. I walked out the door as she glared at me.

          I went into the kitchen gathering ingredients for the soup recipe that I had picked the day before. I put everything together in the crock-pot. I would not have to watch it. It would be ready in only a couple hours. I grabbed some mini hotdogs and put them on rolls. I put them in the oven. The “pigs in a blanket” would be great appetizers.

          Mom walked in with a bag of groceries.

“I would have got more but I heard the snow is going to get worse. Your father texted me he will be home in a couple.” She told me as I took the paper bag from her arms.

          I unloaded the can goods, cereal, and milk from the bag. I neatly folded the bag then I put it in the garage with the rest of the bags. I put the food away and told mom that dinner was cooking. I told her Even though she could probably smell the warm vegetable soup with chicken and salt heating up creating a yummy plentiful arena.

          I went inside my room to get out cloths for tomorrow. I pulled out a long sleeved warm cotton turquoise blue shirt out of my closet. I grabbed a pair of leggings that I would wear under my sweatpants for extra warmth. I put a pair of my fuzzy pink and white socks, my gray cotton underwear, and my white padded push-up bra on my dresser for tomorrow.

          I grabbed a random Novel from my bookcase and started reading. I had chosen a good book called unplugged it was a scary book that I had read before. It was about a girl who lived in an immortal world and didn’t know it. Then all different people tricked her because everyone tried to capture her before she turned eight-teen because she was the most power fullest and that would be when she would get her powers. I loved the book even though the ending wasn’t happy.

          I had got to the third chapter when the timer went off. I ran into the kitchen and turned off the stove. I looked into the glass window. They were fully cooked. I grabbed some hand mittens, opened the stove and grabbed the rack. I played the rack on top of the stove. I turned on the air blower at the top of the stove. The “pigs in a blanket “cooled off for a minute but then I turned the air blower off.” they’re ready.” I called from the kitchen.

          Meagan came out. She looked at the stove and licked her lips. She grabbed a plastic plate and took a couple of the things. I also grabbed a plate and took some.

           When I was behind her I whispered “baby pictures” into her ear. I was just reminding her. She kept walking as though I had said nothing. I hate and love it, at the same time, when she ignores me.

          Dad walked in the door as we sat down. He said hey kids then went into his room to say hello to mom. Meagan and I sat in silence. We normally never talked about girl stuff because she says that I don’t have a life. I guess she is right. I don’t have a boyfriend and I only have a few good friends. I normally stay home and don’t do a lot of social events. I didn’t like talking to her because she says I abuse the privilege of being able to have privacy if I had a boyfriend. We always got in a fight because I told her there is nothing to hide because you shouldn’t even have thoughts of doing anything inappropriate.

          When I finished my little snack I went back into my room. I picked my book up and sat down. I started reading again. I read for two hours straight. I was at chapter twenty-one and it was really getting good. Reluctantly I got up and checked the soup. It was done. I set the table and poured water in everyone’s drinks. I put the soup in everyone’s bowls and called out. “Dinners ready.”

          Everyone came out and sat down at the table. Everyone started eating. They said they liked it once they finally took a breath after a lot of slurping. “Girls a nice young man recently moved down the street. He specializes in housework and we had decided that we were going to ask him to fix a couple things around the house. With the economy the way it is everyone needs work and since we’re doing well I thought we could help him out."

          “Is he single?” Meagan asked. she squinted her eyes right at me. Mom stared at her with a-don’t-you-think-about-it-look. Meagan wasn’t interested in him but she was trying to get me on a date. so tecnicaly mom was confused.

“No thank you” I told her. She knew what I was talking about.

 “Don’t scare him away” dad told Meagan with a warning in his tone.

          When everyone finished I grabbed the food and put it up. Meagan did the dishes because I normally did the other stuff. I went back into my room to read my book again. I was still confused of how this book ever showed up on my bookcase. One day it just showed up. No one ever bought it or anything. It would be silly to keep something so childish away from me.

          I started reading my book again. I finished my book. I stayed up late to finish it. I then went to sleep.

           I woke up in the middle of the night. It sounded like a rock had hit my window. I looked outside. In the driveway was a silver truck that looked only a year or so old. I looked out my other window. I saw a figure standing there in the darkness. It was tall and had boyish hair. I focused my eyes. He was staring right at me. Is that Kyle?

          I looked at him one more time making sure that was him. It was. I grabbed my winter coat. I put on my old pair of sneakers that had been placed at my door. I carefully snaked out of the house. I closed and opened the front door.

          “Ber……….” It’s frigid out here. The snow was falling. Piles were all around trapping my direction of getting out off the front porch. I stepped over a pile of snow and went down the mushy steps. I walked down the steps. I walked across the snowy sidewalk. Then I came across a patch of ice separating the two of us. He held out his hand, to me. I took it. I walked closer to him.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

 “Um...” He was silent.

 “And how do you know I live here?”

“I was looking for you.” He didn’t answer any of my questions.

“Well here I am,” I told him.

 I shifted my body over. Ouch! I was now on the ice.

“Are you always a klutz?” he asked in a serious tone.

 “What does it matter to you?” I asked as I reached for his helping hand to get up.

“That’s not exactly the reaction most girls give me.”

He told me looking at me uncertain.

“Well then I’m not your average girl then. What are you doing out here?” I asked him again.

“I wanted to ask you something.” He said unsure of what he was getting into.

 “Couldn’t you have just waited till school tomorrow?” I looked at my little sterling silver watch. “Its three a clock in the morning” I added.

“No. I can’t. You know this could be important.” He said disturbed that I was not drooling over him.

          I stared at him, and then looked at my clock again. I started tapping my foot. I was getting impatient.

 “What?” I finally asked. He stared at me nervously.

          “Will you go” he didn’t fish his sentence. “Go out with me.” He asked. I wondered why he had stuttered. He was one of those popular kids who you assumed had a new girlfriend every week. So I thought he had done this before.

“I don’t know, why” I asked.

“You’re cute, smart, and funny.” He told me.

“The first time you ever talked to me was today which is now yesterday.” I stare at my watch again. ”So how would you know?” I asked offended that he thought he knew so much about me.

          “I know more than you think” he snickered. I had no clue what he was talking about.

“Well” I thought for a moment. Should I say yes? Is he just joking around? I think I’ll say yes, just to try it. “Well yes” I told him. “This could have waited till tomorrow.” I consulted him. He hid his angry “I’m going to get you “look with a bright smile and then he ran into his truck.

          I noticed just then there was a guy sitting in the trucks passenger seat. Somehow I was able to hear him say, “Mission is half way done.” He was playing a boyish game. What did I just get into? As ran inside the house, I slipped on the ice twice.



Get up.



Get up.

It’s my daily routine.

          I took my coat off. I threw off my sneakers. I lay down in bed. I covered myself with my blanket. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up several times more during the night. The chills ran down my back and I had Goosebumps up my arm. He should have waited till tomorrow. Excuse me I now mean later on today.            



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