Pandering the Crowd
Author: marshalg

Chapter 4
On Gyroscopic Turn

by Marshal Gebbie

Rush around in circles like a headless chicken running
Diminishing to spirals in a blue encircled churn
Giddying to balance in unsteady equilibrium,
Whilst canting to the left on a gyroscopic turn.

Vaulting to the heavens in gymnastical maneuvering,
Launching into ether in fanatical escape,
Facial features grimacing through muscular contortion
With abdominal contractions in a pantomime of rape.

Yowling to the darkness in a feline form of vocalness
Hissing through the teeth in a serpentine display,
Bellowing the bellicose of bovine innuendo
And bleeding feet in gumboots on a shitty raining day.

Rush around in circles like a headless chicken running
With facial features grimaced on a shitty raining day,
Yowling to the darkness with abdominal contraction
In a bovine innuendo of a serpentine display.

Bellowing the bellicose of bleeding feet in gumboots,
Vaulting to the heavens in fanatical escape,
Giddying to spirals in contracting equilibrium
Just a shitty innuendo of a gyroscopic shake.

Victoria Park Tunnel
On a shitty raining day.
7 August 2010
Aug 6, 2010


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