Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 27
The test

When we get to the hospital, Miss Godwin takes my hand and we go through the double doors. The whole place smells of bleach and disinfectant. Miss Godwin says something to the receptionist and she hands her sheet where I have to fill out my name, age and address. Then we are taken through to another room. There aren't many people there, a tall girl biting her nails anxiously, another girl who likes about fifteen and three boys all sitting next to each other. I sit down in the nearest chair and Miss Godwin sits next to me.
"OK?" she asks and squeezes my hand.
I bite my lip anxiously watching the tall girl being called into a room.
"Will it hurt?" I whisper to Miss Godwin.
"It might be a bit uncomfortable but it won't hurt", she replies, "Don't worry, you'll be fine".

About an hour later, my name is called and we walk into a small white room with a bed in the middle.
"You must be Leah", a tall black man says to me, "I'm Doctor Franks".
I nod embarrassed.
"Could I have a word with your, er?"
"Teacher", Miss Godwin finishes for him, "And of course".
They go into another back room and close the door.
I look around the little white room. A cabinet full of medicines and tubes takes up most of the wall. A small window is next to the bed with bright blue curtains. The bed takes up most of the room and it's right in the center. A pale cream curtain is round it but not pulled out yet.

A few minutes later, Miss Godwin and the doctor come back into the room. Miss gives me the thumbs up sign and the doctor gives me a small nod.
"OK Leah, lets get started then".
He pulls the cream curtain round us and asks me to take off my skirt. I don't look at what he does but it feels a bit uncomfortable for a minute or two then he takes the thing out and I'm allowed to put my knickers and skirt on again.
He opens the curtain and says to Miss Godwin, "It will take about a week to get the results. Good luck", and he shakes her hand. Then he shakes my hand and we walk out the room and into the waiting room.

We pass a small shop on the way out and Miss Godwin asks if I'd like anything to eat. I'm starving but I feel rude to say yes. Miss Godwin seems to read my mind so she gets me a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar. I gobble them down quickly, barely stopping to swallow. She gives a sad little smile when I'm done.
"Didn't he feed you either?"
"Not really", I mumble looking down at the ground.

When we get back to the car, I ask Miss Godwin where we are going now.
"Your house", she says like it's the most obvious thing in the world.
"But Daddy will..."
"No, he won't. Sarah has already called the police and he is at the police station now. You can collect some of your things and then you'll stay at temporary care home until we can find a permanent foster placement".
"Will you stay with me?" I ask timidly.
She puts her arms round me. "Of course I will, for as long as I can but you'll be OK on your own. Your a fighter".


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