Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 26
Checked over

We walk down the corridor and turn right into a small white room. I've been here once before when I fell over in the playground and cut my leg. The nurse said I was very brave not to cry but I had had much more pain than that to deal with.
"Sit down Leah", Miss Godwin says.
I go over to the plastic chair in the corner.
"No, lie down on the bed. It's OK, I'm here".
I lie down on the white bed, my hands clammy and my heart beating fast.
"Leah, I'm going to get the school nurse to check you over and..."
"NO!" I shout then clamp my hand over my mouth. I think of the big bruise on my right arm, the cuts are bruises down my back. Not to mention I might have an infection from sleeping with all those men. What if I had to go to hospital?
"Leah, I'm afraid she has too. It's OK, I'm right here".

A small, blonde woman comes bustling in.
"Is something the matter with this young lady?" she asks Miss Godwin.
"Can I have a word outside Sarah?"
They go outside and I can hear muffled voices. I look up at the ceiling and bite my lip.
A few minutes later, they both come back in, Miss Godwin giving me a reassuring nod and the nurse looking a bit worried.
"OK dear, now I'm just going to check you over, just to see how you are".
She asks me to take my shirt off and I do so. She looks at the bruise on my arm, touching it ever so slightly and I jump with the pain.
"Sorry dear, did that hurt a lot?"
I nod. I see Miss Godwin shake her head almost with sorrow.
"OK, now just turn over for me".
I shake my head with alarm. "Come on dear, only for a minute or so?"
I look at Miss Godwin and she gives me a smile. I take a deep breath and turn over.

I hear a gasp from the nurse and I quickly turn back over.
"What the hell did he use? A chain saw!?" I hear Miss Godwin exclaim loudly.
"No, just a belt", I whisper.
The nurse asks me to turn back over and she dabs at the cuts with a liquid that stings. Then she puts a cool compress on the bruises that soothes it a little.
"I think we might have to take her to hospital for the check up on..."
"NO!" I shout again, "Not the hospital!"
Miss Godwin comes over to me and holds my hand, "Leah, we have to check inside of you. We need you to be well and healthy and we can only do that if know what's wrong. I'll be with you the whole time, OK?"
I agree reluctantly and Miss Godwin helps me into her car.
"Call social services", she mutters to the nurse, "Then call the police".


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