Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 24
Sick with worry

I expect the phone to ring straight back but it doesn't. I put it back in its charger and rush upstairs to my room, flopping down on my mattress. They heard it all. The shouting, the screaming and the hitting. I don't know whether to be pleased or scared. What if Daddy finds out? He'll kill me!
I try not to think about it but my stomach hurts with worry and pain and it's impossible not to.
"Leah!" Daddy calls and my heart drops. He knows. Oh my God.

I go downstairs and breath a sigh of relief when I see that Daddy just wants me to make his dinner. I put a macaroni cheese in the microwave and jump when it beeps.
"Hurry up Leah. God your so useless!" he yells and I carry his food into the front room.
He snatches it and shovels it down hungrily.
"Beer?" he snaps and I go to the kitchen and then hand it to him.
"Daddy", I whisper.
"When am I next, er, working?"
I see his knuckles tighten on the can and his face goes red.
"When I decide. Don't ask questions".
I stay silent and then when he's done I throw his rubbish in the bin.

I go upstairs and suddenly feel really, really sick. I try to ignore it but it gets more and more until I have to rush to the bathroom and before I can stop, I'm throwing up all over the toilet. I try to do it as quietly as possible but Daddy hears and calls me downstairs. I wipe my mouth, flush the chain and go downstairs.
"Were you just sick?"
I nod, keeping my eyes on the ground.
"I don't know, I just felt really si..."
He slaps me hard round the face then shouts, "Don't know isn't good enough!"
I can't get the words out to say sorry so he slaps me again, this time harder, knocking me off my feet.
"You worthless piece of scum! I hate you! Just go die and do everyone a favor!"
He kicks me and hits me a few more times but I don't feel it. I have the hope someone will find me and save me.


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