Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 23

Daddy lets me go back to school on Monday. My black eye has almost gone and no-one asks why I was away the whole week. Apart from Miss Godwin. She calls me up at the end of the day.
"Leah, do you have a note about why you were off last week?"
I shake my head looking down at my hands.
"Were you ill?"
I nod. Ill with abuse. I say nothing but can feel my eyes start to prickle.
"What was wrong? Did you have to go to the doctors?"
I look down at the floor, trying to concentrate on not crying.
"Leah? Are you OK?"
Everything goes blurry and I quickly say, "Miss, I have to go. I'm fine honest", and run out of the classroom.

I run home, wiping my tears away with the back of my hand. If Daddy see's me crying, he'll get angry. I open the front door, quietly. I can't hear the TV on so I guess he must be out. I breath a sigh of relief. I go into the front room and see beer cans and food littering the floor. I pick them up and chuck them in the bin and then go make Daddy's bed. I see the black dress from last night and I feel sad again. It's then I decide to give Childline another go while he's out.

I get through to someone on the first ring and that throws me.
"Hello, your through to someone you can talk to?"
I don't know what to say so I breath heavily down the phone so they don't hang up.
"Is there something you want to talk about today?"
"Yes", I whisper.
Theres a pause.
"Would you like to tell Childline about it?"
I gulp,"I can't", I say and then start to cry.
"Whatever you tell Childline stays private. We are here to listen not to judge".
I try to stop crying and start again, "My Daddy hits me but it's only because I'm bad and he also gets these men to com..."
I hear the front door slam and I drop the phone in horror.
"Leah! Get here!"
I run into the hall way. "Wheres my takeaway? I put it on the floor?"
My heart drops. "I thought it was rubbish so I threw it away..."
"You did what?" he screams at me, dragging me into the front room.
"I'm sorry!" I sob but he's already hitting me. He throws me at the wall and then starts kicking me. He kicks my head and everything goes black for a moment. When I open my eyes a few minutes later, Daddy has gone. I sit up and rub my eyes, my head throbbing. Then I look down and see the phone. The green light is still on. I didn't hang up.


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