Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 22
Midnight client

I open my eyes sleepily to someone shaking me hard.
"Leah, get up!" Daddy hisses at me.
I look around the room and see it's still dark. It's the middle of the night and I've just got to sleep.
"Do as I say", he says grabbing me off my mattress and turning on the light. I cover my eyes but he forced my hand away and gives me a slap round the face.
"That wake you up?" he grins.
"What are you going to do to me?" I ask, petrified.
"You have a special client", he says and gives a mean smile.

He shoves me into his bedroom and orders me to put on the black dress lying on the bed.
"Brush your hair", he says handing me a comb.
He looks at me when I'm done and then nods, "That'll have to do. Come on".
I follow him downstairs and into the front room. A man about Daddy's age is sitting on the sofa with a can of Daddy's beer. They must be friends then, Daddy would never give his precious beer to a stranger.
"Thanks Charlie mate", the man says finishing up his beer.
"Welcome, just give me a warning next time yeah?"
The man nods looking me up and down.
"Oh and Jake?"
The man looks at Daddy, "She's only a kid, don't be too rough with her".
He must be 'rough' if Daddy is saying that. My heart is hammering and Jakes grins, "Ah don't worry Charlie, I'll take good care of the little slag", and they both laugh.

Daddy goes out the room and Jake glares at me like Daddy does when he's angry.
"Now listen you little whore. I've payed for this so you do what I tell you. Any trouble, and lets just say I've brought my belt with me. Now take off you clothes and lie on the sofa".
I quiver at the harsh tone to his voice. I take my dress off so I'm just in my knickers and lie on the sofa.
"Are you deaf? I said take off your clothes, or do you need a reminder of that?"
He storms over to me and grabs my knickers. It hurts and I cry with pain but he just laughs, "Charlie's right. You really are pathetic".
My eyes sting at the thought of Daddy slagging me off behind my back. I say nothing though and spend the rest of the hour doing what 'Jake' commands, even though it hurts a lot.

He starts touching my nipples and then licking them. I want to throw up but I stay tense and still. He sighs, "God my dog could give better sex then you. Why you so frigid eh?" he asks stroking my neck roughly and then planting a huge kiss on my lips. It feels like a jelly fish and I manage to stammer, "I need the toilet".
He sighs again, "Tough, my time ain't up yet. You can go when I'm done".

After what seems like forever, Jake leaves and I lie on the sofa, tired and miserable. What sort of a life is this?
Daddy says I can go back to bed but I can't sleep. I can just feel Jake's hands on me and my private bit aches. A tear trickles down my cheek and I close my eyes, trying not to dream of horrible men.


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