Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 21
Cold water

The rest of the week drags on and I wake up every morning dreading what the day has in store for me.
Daddy whips me with his belt every day until my back is so sore it won't stop bleeding. Daddy panics a bit then because he doesn't want to be found out so he stops whipping and turns to another punishment. One that doesn't leave marks.
"Leah, get here!"
I go into the bathroom where he is standing and stare at him in astonishment. He's holding a bucket of water and a tooth brush!
"Clean the floors. When your done, come find me. get it?"
I nod and go over to the bucket. I dip my finger in gingerly, it's freezing cold.
I get to work on the bathroom floor. By the time I'm half way, my back starts to ache. That's probably why he has chosen this punishment so carefully.

After a few hours, I'm finally finished and I go to find Daddy. He's in his bedroom and I knock quietly on the door.
"What is it?" he yells.
"Daddy, I've finished the floor", I whisper timidly.
The door flings open, making me jump back in surprise.
"So you thought you'd come and pester me did you?" he hisses in my ear, spitting landing on the top of my nose.
"But Daddy, you said whe..."
"Are you arguing!?" he screams at me.
"No!" I cry but he's not listening. He's already grabbed me and marching across the floor I've just cleaned with his grubby grey socks.
"I'll teach you to answer me back!" he yells and grabs the back of my head with his hand and before I can hold my breath, he's dunked my head in the freezing bucket of water.

I can't breath. The water is freezing, he probably just melted ice and gave it to me, having it planned all along.
Just before I think I really am going to drown, he pulls me out by my soaking wet hair. I gasp and take in deep breaths the whole room spinning.
"I'm not finished you little shit!" he yells and hauls me upright.
"Stand up!" he orders giving me a slap and then picking up the bucket. I wonder if he's going to pour it over my head but instead, he orders me to hold open the top of my old, faded jeans. I stare at him confused but do as I'm told.
Suddenly, he's pouring in the remains of the freezing water down my jeans and into my knickers.
I go to scream but nothing comes out, everything numbs at the coldness of the water. Water cascades onto the bottom of my jeans and onto the floor. My knickers are wet through and my jeans are sodden.
"Let that teach you!" he mutters, "Clean this up then get to your room, you pathetic waste of space!"
He gives me one last slap before going out of the bathroom.

I stare at the sodden floor and then I look at my soaked jeans. Tears dribble down my cheeks, making my face even wetter.


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