Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 20
Black eye

The door is still locked when I wake up in the morning so I guess I'm not going to school. I hope Daddy hasn't got more work planned for me because I'm still sore from yesterdays whipping. I tenderly feel my back and wince as my hand connects with a bruise. I crawl towards the door and peep under it trying to see through the crack. The landing is pitch dark so I can't see anything anyway. I sigh and crawl towards the window and peep out. It still looks quite early, nine at the latest I'd say.

A few minutes later, the door opens and I leap back from the window. Daddy comes over to me and yanks me up, "What have you been doing?" he sneers at me, narrowing his eyes and looking me up and down.
"Nothing", I stammer.
He gives me an evil glare and then says, "You better not have said anything to anyone. If I find out you have, you won't live another day. Get it?"
"Yes", I whisper.
"Good, now get me something to eat then fuck off to school".

I go downstairs and get him a beer and a piece of toast. He drinks the beer in three gulps and stares at the toast.
"What the hell is this?" he asks me.
"T..toast", I whisper.
He throws the toast at me, "You call this food! God you really are useless aren't you. I wish you'd just go die".
He's harsh words sting like he's actually hitting me. I blink and try to keep the tears in. I go out the room but he calls after me, "Leah! I ain't finished with you yet, get back here now!"
I dither whether to go out the front door but I know I'll regret it later. I bite my lip and go back into the front room where I'm greeted with a punch. He aims for my mouth but misses and gets my right eye. I jump back in agony and he swears, "You can't go to school now. That will bruise and people will ask questions. Stay at home for the rest of week just keep out of way. Get it?"
I nod, tears dribbling down my cheeks, my eye throbbing.
"Well get out then!"
I go out the room and up the stairs into my room. I gingerly touch my eye and it hurts like hell. Daddy's right, it will bruise. I sigh and wipe the tears away, careful to avoid my black eye.


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