Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 18
Hidden talent

Miss Godwin looks disappointed when I hand her my poem.
"This wasn't quite what I meant by expressing feelings Leah but at least you had a go".
I shrug pretending not to care but inside I wish I could have made her say, "That's amazing Leah! Well done!"
Who am I kidding? I'm useless at English just like everything else.

The day drags on and I nibble at my nails, tearing strips off and biting my skin like a vampire just for something to do. Lunch doesn't even cheer me up. I feel as empty after it as I do before I ate it. I hear two girls in my class whispering about me in the playground.
"She's like so weird! She doesn't even talk!"
"I know and when I accidentally knocked her chair, she acted like I'd shot her! I reckon she's got an eating disorder. Have you seen how skinny she is?"
"Yeah but she eats like loads at lunch. Maybe she's, er, whats the word?"
"Yeah that's it. My cousin was that once, she made herself sick after every meal".

I walk past, smiling at their stupidity. I wish it was as simple as an eating disorder. At least I could change that if I wanted to. We have drama last lesson and we have to act out a scene from Oliver where he has run away and is lost in London, cold and starving. I don't have to pretend, I know what its like to be cold and starving. When I'm finished, everyone stares at me and Miss Godwin starts clapping! I blush with embarrassed but also with pride. Maybe I'm not useless at everything after all.


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