Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 17
The secret

Luckily Daddy is out when I get home, probably at the pub so I sit down in my office room and search for a piece of paper. I find one tucked away behind a book and get to work, thinking carefully how to start it. I don't want to make it to obvious but still want to express how I feel. After an hour of crossing words out and changing sentences, I finally come up with this:

The secret:

Hiding the secrets with lying eyes
Every night in bed she cries
Knowing that things aren't as they appear
For inside she cries silent tears
Deep inside she is filled with pain
She feels dirty and full of shame
Innocence lost at a very young age
Locked tightly in a pain filled cage
Eternity locked away with all this shame
She can't help but feel that she was to blame
Even though common sense says it was not her fault
She can't seem to help from having these thoughts
What ifs' keep running through her mind
She keeps going back to those moments in time
If there isn't something different she could have done
Why didn't she scream or at least try to run
Fear kept her frozen to the spot
While this grown man did what he should have not
Shame and fear made her keep the silence
Kept her telling anyone about the violence
With every touch a part of her died
Now she is in a prison that has no gate
Every one of them sealing her fate.

When I'm finished I look at the poem. I realize I can't hand this in. Miss Godwin would be on to me in seconds. I crumple it up and hide it behind the door where Daddy won't find it. I sigh and search for another bit of paper where I scribble down rubbish about boys and clothes- knowing no-one will ever know.


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