Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 16
A draught of sunshine

The bell goes for the start of break and I stand up to rush off but the pain in my back slows me down.
"Leah can I talk to you for a minute?"
I sigh knowing what it's about and go over to her, trying not to wince.
"Leah, I know you have said you OK but I'm worried about you. You weren't in Thursday and now you look as if you in pain. Are you sure everything is fine? I really want to help you".
I look at her. She's quite young, piecing blue eyes, fair hair and pale cheeks. Does she really care about me? I can't take the risk.
"I'm sure I'm OK miss. I just fell down the stairs thats all. Honest I'm fine".
"I'm always here to talk to Leah. I want you to know that".
Her kindness suddenly makes me want to cry and I have to blink hard not to let the tears escape.
I nod and rush off, running to the toilet to let the tears out. I lock myself in a cubicle and silently cry, wiping my eyes with the scratchy tissue paper. It makes my eyes red so I unlike the door and splash cold water on my face.

The bell rings and I hear a clamber of feet making there way to class. I know I have to get moving. I walk out of the toilets and into class sitting back down at my table waiting for English to begin. Miss Godwin begins, "Right class, now this term we are studying poetry. Poetry is all about emotion and how we feel. Some of the best poets use real life experiences to help them express the right words and feelings. Today we are going to look at an example and then try to write our own poems for homework in the same style".

She shows us a poem by a man called John Keats. It's called 'A draught of sunshine'. I'm not sure what it's about because it uses really old fashioned words but the words I can understand are meaningful and express how sad he feels. She tells us to write our own poems expressing how we feel and have them ready for tomorrows lesson. I know what I'm going to write mine about.


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