Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 15
Watchful eyes

When I wake up in the morning, the bird has gone. There's no trail of blood or anything like that so I begin to think I have imagined it all.
Suddenly, the back door flies open and Daddy storms over to me, grabbing me by the arm.
"Get inside and get me something to eat".
I struggle to stand up and my back seizes up immediately.
"You deaf or something?" he yells and hauls me up. I try not scream with the pain.
"What is it?" he snaps then a mean smile spreads across his face.
"Of course, your back. Well Leah, if you disobey me today you'll get another whipping and another until you learn".

I keep my head down and follow Daddy into the house.
I go into the kitchen and get him a beer. I don't know what time it is but I'm guessing it's quite early.
"Daddy", I whisper as I go into the front room and hand him is beer, "Am I going to school today?"
I regret opening my mouth and Daddy gives me a look of utter hate and disgust.
"Did I say you could talk?" he asked me, anger blazing in his eyes.
I shake my head, tears in my eyes.
"Stop crying you pathetic little crap! Get out of my sight you waste of space. Go to school, just get out of my way!" he shouts and slaps me hard round the face.
I go out of the room, tears pouring down my cheeks. I go upstairs and drag on my uniform. There isn't a mirror but I peer round trying to look at my back. I can see a few streaks of red and a few bruises that I have to hide for school.

The shirt stings my back as I put it on but I try to think of something else as I tug my fingers through my matted hair and go downstairs. I can hear the TV loud in the front room so I sneak through the front door and close it quietly behind me before racing up the path and along the road.

When I get to school, I realize I'm a bit late. I hope no-one will notice if I quietly slip in through my classroom. I'm wrong. Everyones head turns to look in my direction and I blush scarlet to match my throbbing red cheek from earlier. Miss Godwin gives me a nod and I sit down at my table. The plastic chair makes my back throb like someones scraping razer blades down it. Even though most of the kids have now turned back to do there work, I can still feel Miss Godwin's eyes on me. I pretend I don't know and get on with my maths questions but as a kid accidently knocks my chair walking past, it jolts my back and I wince in pain. I look up and can still see her watchful eyes on me, watching my every move.


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