The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 9

"It glows faintly?" I laugh nervously. Leon frowns. "Yes, why?" he asks. I yank on my shirt to get it to go over my jeans. "That sounds really.....creepy. And supernatural." I say. But that's not why I'm so nervous. I'm so nervous because I have a glowing stone in my jeans pocket. And it's blue. And appeared to me, the mortal. And Meteas all over the world are looking for it. "Yeah." Leon frowns again. "Weird." I nod swiftly. And that's when it hits me. "Wait...." I say carefully. "How do you know so much about this stuff?" I ask suspisiously. "You're not a Metea." I'm prepared to run for it. But nothing happens. Leon just laughs nervously. "Well," he squeaks. I'm starting to have a bad feeling. "The stone can control the world and I need it." he blurts. My feet take a hesitant step back. "Why do you need it? You wanna control the world?" I question. Leon looks shocked,   "NO!"  he yells. "Why do you think all the Meteas want it?" he yells. I cringe. "To control the world of course! And could we have Meteas controling the world?" he glares at me. "No?" I giggle nervously. "NO!" he explodes. "So I need to take it, drain it of it's power, and be done with it!" he bursts. I'm still not entirely convinced.

I glare at him. He glares right back. "Then you're a Protecter." I say. "What? NO!" he yells, looking flustered. "You're like dealing with a two-year old. You know that?" I turn aroud a let out a big "Hmpfh!". "You're a two-year old." I shoot back. Then I turn around to face him. We end up having a staring/glaring contest for who knows how long. I refuse to blink. When Leon finally loses, he sighs and walks away. "Yeah, that's right loser!" I yell at his back. Leon ignores me and continues walking.

I sigh. If Leon's really leaving, then I'm going to have to stumble through hours of trees by myself. Add the hours it will take me to get back because, I'll probably get lost. "Okay, sorry." I say. Leon turns around. I can see him grinning. "Then go home and get your passport." he smiles. "Why?" I ask suspiciously. Leon's grin widens. "Cause we're going to N.Y.C." he says. I stare at him dumbly. "New York?" I ask. "That's what N.Y.C. stands for." Leon frowns. I look down. "Oh." I say. I really don't want to go to New York. Was it really only this morning that I had said I wasn't going to get on a plane and fly there? I didn't want to. I couldn't leave my parents like that. "I'll have you home in plenty of time." Leon says, as if sensing my hesitation. I fiddle with my fingers. Maybe I should try to find my way back home myself. But then again, I really don't want to have to go to school and face Brad again. Or Jordan. "Is something bothering you?" Leon asks. I think fast and say, "Yeah, this guy at school who always makes fun of me." I do my best to look dejected. Leon stares at me for a long time. "Come on." he sighs, taking my hand. My cheeks go on fire. He pulls me to his shiny midnight black Audi. "Get in." he commands from the driver seat. I quickly obey.

"What are we doing here?" I ask. I look around and see my fellow enemies, still sitting in the library. I can see Mrs. Rogers lecturing them. Brad sees me and sneers. I duck my head and look away. "Is that him?" Leon asks, pointing to Brad. I nod twice. I watch as Leon gets out of the car and walks to the school entrance. He walks into the library and speaks with the librarian. The librarian then gets Mrs. Rogers who gets Brad. Leon motions for Brad to come outside. And to my surprise, he does. I can also see all the girls whispering. No doubt Leon is going to get a lotta requests for his number today. Leon looks at me and motions for me to come out. I cautiously step out of the Audi, and walk over. Brad sneers at me again. "I want you to apologize to Charlie." Leon commands Brad. "He's not goi-" I start. And stop in my tracks. Because reluctantly, Brad turns and says, "Sorry Charlie." Leon nods, satisfied. "Now tell her you'll never do what you did today or any other day again." Brad looks away from Leon and to me again. "I won't ever do what I did today or any other day ever again." I can feel my jaw drop open. Leon nods again satisfied. Then, he curls his fingers into a fist. And then, my mouth drops even further. Leon smack's his fist against Brad's face, leaving a red mark. But Brad doesn't fight back, he just rubs his chin and walks away. I feel stunned. I can't move, and Leon has to drag me back to his car. Then, we speed away.


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