Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 39




She just sat there beside me, with her arms cradled across her chest like she was trying to protect herself from something, and with her lips sealed so tight, it was like she had convinced herself to stop talking forever.

            We were just blocks away from our own house, and I was so tempted to drive away somewhere else—to be able to talk to Lexi.

            “Aren’t we going home yet?” She said for the first time since she stepped inside the truck.

            I looked at her, trying to decode her expressionless face and the cold silence. “Alexine,” I reached out to touch her face, and I guess I was crazy to wait for her to stop me—or slap my hands away, though she didn’t, and there was actually no reason for that. “Why—“

            She held my hand, keeping it rested on her cheeks. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to text you, it was sudden, and it was already a bit late so I thought of texting mom first.” She looked at me with a faint smile on her lips. “Are you mad? Its okay if you are, it was... My fault anyway.” She squeezed my hand. “Can we please go home now? I’m tired...”

            “Alright, it’s alright.” I patted her head with my free hand. “You shouldn’t be stressing yourself too much; you just recovered from a fever.” I smiled at her before pulling my hand away so I could start the engine.

“Ethan,” She grabbed my hand all of a sudden, and the look she had on her face was something I rarely see on her—pain and sadness that I was sure I didn’t cause. “Kiss me.

I didn’t hesitate, but I still cared about getting caught, especially when were parked in front of Mile’s lawn, so I gave her a quick yet a very tender kiss on the lips. “That’s all for now, okay?” I smiled at her, and she nodded acceptingly.

I started the truck and headed home. In less than 5minutes we were already parked in our garage.

The lights were all out, mom and dad are probably asleep already, thinking that Lexi would be home safe even at this late hour because they asked me to fetch her, so I just used my keys to get inside the house.

The living room was pitch black, so I reached for Lexi’s hand before fumbling for the light switch, but she stopped me. “Don’t, let’s just head upstairs.” She whispered.

“Okay.” I said without letting go of her. “Don’t trip on mom’s antique vases, or else we’ll both doomed.” I joked, but she didn’t laugh.

When we reached upstairs, mom and dad’s bedroom door was closed, and with pure darkness surrounding both Lexi and I, I was sure that they were sound asleep.

I pulled her towards me, her body slamming against mine. “Baby,” I whispered in her ear. “Can we talk?”

Inside.” She murmured on my chest. “My room or yours?”

“How about you get your things in your room and let’s talk in the kitchen?” I said softly, kissing her ear.

“Why there?”

“It’s better than getting caught inside our rooms at this hour, right? I feel sort of paranoid that they’d check each of our rooms when one of them wakes up in the middle of the night.” I was serious when I said that, but Lexi was laughing.

“Hey, don’t make too much noise!” I sneered as softly as I could, pressing her face on my chest. I opened the door of her room and tossed her bag inside. It made a loud thud.

She smacked me on my arm. “Talk about being quiet,” She pushed me gently. “Let’s just go.”

I followed her downstairs and headed to the kitchen to open the light. I opened the fridge and searched for something that would pass on as a snack. “What the heck are you doing?” Lexi asked, her arms folded across her chest.

That’s what you do in the kitchen in the middle of the night.” I tossed the Tupperware with preserved berries on the table, and placed two spoons beside it.

Smart ass.” She mumbled as she left for the living room.

I followed her and said, “If you hear the door open, it means it’s time for a midnight snack, or at least pretend to eat.” I smiled at her, or at least I thought that she saw me smile at her, since there was very little light that came from the kitchen.

“What is it that you want to talk about?” She asked straightforwardly as she sat on the couch.

I sat beside her, and asked a very basic question. “How are you?” I must have sounded stupid, because at the corner of my eye I saw her turn her head to look at me, so I did the same. “You’ve been a little distant lately, I’m not sure if it’s just me... Or...”

“You miss me.” She said. “You just miss me, Ethan, and I do too.”

At that time I felt her words come through me, and I knew that she meant all of it—unlike a while ago that I felt like I was being lied to. “I guess you’re right.”

“Can I get a real kiss now?” She stared at me, hopeful. “I feel... I actually feel far away from you too... Even though you’re just there.”

I touched her quivering lips with a finger. “I’m here, just here. Don’t cry now...” I traced the contours of her lips slowly. "Don’t ever think that I’m far away from you, because...” Instead of my fingers on her lips, I just kissed her, another quick yet passionate one. “You and I are one.” I slid my hand at the back of her neck, letting my fingers get tangled on her hair. “Every inch of you,” I kissed her lips ever so slightly again. “I own,” I bit her lower lip gently, then whispered in her mouth, “And every inch of me...”

“I own, exclusively.” She whispered as she pulled away from my lips. “Because we’re one... We’ll always be together...” She wrapped her arms around my neck and embraced me. “No matter how many walls they build between us, Ethan, no matter how far they try to separate us, I would scream as loud as I could... So you would hear me when I say... I love you.”

I clutched her body against me tightly—protectively, selfishly. “I’ll destroy those walls with all I have, I don’t care if they try to rebuild them, even if I’d have to spend my whole life doing that, I don’t care. As long as on the other side of that wall is you, waiting for me...”

She chuckled softly, as if she doesn’t believe anything that I said. “Really? Are you that willing to destroy those walls?”

“What are you saying?” I spat, suddenly irritated. “I love you, don’t ask such a stupid question!”

She pulled away from me, but her eyes were looking intently into mine. “I was just asking, and I just wanted to hear your answer. You don’t have to be upset... And, Ethan... Whatever happens, I want you to keep in mind that I love you, and I’m doing all of this for you, okay?”











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