Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 37
You'll be gettin' more of me, bro.




I searched for a familiar face, a girl, a boy—whoever that’s in the same class as Lexi, and I was insanely desperate that it had to be Thalia Meyers that I had to ask, a younger sister of my co-senior Thales Meyers.

            “Thal,” I waved at the peroxide blonde girl to get her attention. Probably, if I wasn’t Jaycee’s best friend she would have ignored me like I was some kind of contagious sick loser.

            “What brings you here, handsome?” She chuckled flirtatiously and never forgot to give her ‘clique’ side glances.

            “Have you seen my sister?” I asked, and immediately realized that she’s probably too dumb to know that I had a sister. “Uh, Ale—“

            “Alexine Graymark.” She disrupted with a toxic smile. “She left early; she looked like she’s on a rush.”

            “Ah, thanks.” I smiled at her for a thank you and left.

            “She got a date, Ethan?” Thalia yelled up at me. “I heard she’s dating three at the same time.” She flipped her fake blonde hair and laughed with her friends.

            I shook my head in disapproval. I wanted to keep my mouth shut to keep things from getting worse, but I guess my head was in such a mess that I couldn’t control myself anymore. “Guess you beat her on that one, you got four... Four boys on each class of the entire school.” I shot back and really left this time.

            I tapped redial on my cell, hoping that at the seventh call Lexi would answer, but luck just wasn’t on my side today. Where the heck did she go off to?

            I headed to the parking lot, upset.

            “Where’s your sister?” Jaycee tapped my shoulders and cocked an eyebrow at me.

            “No idea,” I mumbled. “How the hell should I know, she didn’t tell me shit.”

            “I’m sure you already called her,” He said coldly. “Why don’t you just go home? When she needs you, she tells you, am I right?”

            I sighed in frustration. “Guess you’re right, I’m headin’ home then.” I reached for my keys and got inside the car. I lowered my window and said, “See ya’round.”

            “Yeah,” He smirked. “You’ll be gettin’ more of me, bro.”


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