Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 10
Leave me alone

I ache all over when I get up for school the next morning. My tummy feels like someone has stabbed me several times and the blood down my legs and stained and go into a crusted red mess. I spit on my hand and wipe it off with that. I then put on my uniform and run my fingers through my tangled hair.

As I'm walking to school, the pain is getting worse and worse. By the time I reach the main building, I slump against the wall taking deep breaths because I think I'm going to faint.
Oh God, it's Miss Godwin.
"Leah, do you want me to call the nurse?"
"NO!" I blurt out loudly.
She takes a step back, "Leah, are you ok?"
I nod taking a deep breath and getting to my feet, "Everything is fine Miss Godwin. I just felt a little sick thats all. Honest I'm ok".
She doesn't look convinced but she can hardly do much.
"Ok Leah. You weren't in yesterday, I just though maybe..."
She trails off.
"I'm fine Miss, I swear".
She sighs but walks past me to the staff room.
That was close.

My tummy hurts on and off for the rest of the day. When we are doing maths, it hurts so bad I have to ask to go to the toilet. I throw up a bit in there and then check if I have bled anymore. I haven't but a horrible white stuff is leaking out into my knickers. I bite my lip and pull my skirt back up, trying to forgot about it.

On my way home, a girl in the year below me comes up to me.
"Are you Leah Davis?"
I nod confused.
"Someone heard you being sick in the toilet and Miss Godwin is looking for you".
"Tell her I'm fine", I rush starting to walk off, "Tell her I just felt a bit sick".
I rush off, my stomach and heart throbbing.
Why can't she just leave me alone?


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