Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 9
Stained scarlet

The man tells me to take my clothes off. I stare at him.
"But", I whisper.
"Look, I payed 200 for this. Just do what I bloody say yeah?"
My eyes sting and a tear rolls down my cheek. I wipe it away quickly and take my dress off. He lies down on the sofa and pulls me on with him. He slides my knickers off and starts turning and groaning. It feels strange and wrong. Then suddenly a sharp pain pieces through me and I shriek.
"What?" he sighs stopping.
"It hurts", I gasp.
He lets go of me and stands up.
"Shit", he says.
The whole sofa is covered in bright red blood. I look down at my legs and see they are stained too. I grab my knickers from the floor and yank my dress over my head. The lipstick has smudges and is now all over my chin. I look like a clown.
The man grabs his jeans and pulls them back on staring at me like I'm some kind of circus act.
"Er, Charlie?" he shouts.

Daddy comes running downstairs and into the room. He does a double take when he sees the sofa.
"Jesus Tom, you payed me to sleep with her, not to murder her".
"She just bled everywhere", he says shrugging, "And she was tight".
He goes out and closes the front door. Daddy looks at me.
"Clean it up", he says, "Then take off the dress and wipe your face and cook me dinner".

I go to the kitchen and get a cloth. I try to wipe the blood up but it has stained and won't come off. He watches me and then says, "That's your fault. You have ruined my sofa which means you will have to work more to pay for it".
"But Daddy", I whisper, "I don't like it".
He comes over to me, "Do I look like I care?" he snarls, "You'll do as I say. You will earn a living and pay for things your screw up. Understand?"
I stay silent. He grabs my arm and throws me against the wall.
"Understand?" he yells.
"Yes", I sob.

He leaves me there and when I have finished sobbing, I go into the kitchen and put a ready meal in the microwave. When it beeps I take it into the front room. He is sitting on the floor seeing as the sofa is now a dark shade of red.
He scowls at me and snatches the meal.
I stand there watching. A piece of bread doesn't really fill you up much.
"Get me a beer you idiot", he demands and I go to the kitchen and get him a beer. He slurps it watching me out of the corner of his eye.
"You'll go to school tomorrow. I don't want them getting suspicious. But you'll work on Saturday. Even if I have to force you down myself".

I nod miserably.
He grunts, "Clear that up then get to bed".
I tip the plastic container and beer can into the bin. Then I walk upstairs, take off the dress and lie on my mattress realizing, I have just had sex.


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