Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 8
Earning a living

I wake up to a loud bang. I sit up and rub my eyes. Daddy is standing at the door way holding a cup and something brown.
"Eat this", he says gruffly, shoving a piece of bread at me. He puts the cup of water down and then says, "Your not going to school. You need to be taught a lesson. And that lesson starts today".
I look at him wondering what on earth he is going to do to me. Hit me with his belt? Cut me with a knife? Kill me?

I look at him. We have the same eyes. Well, the same colored eyes. Light blue. Although when I look in his eyes, all I see is hate. In my eyes I see sadness and tears.
"It's about time you start earning a living", he says folding his arms.
"But I'm eleven", I whisper not daring to look up.
"I don't care. You'll do as I say today and if you don't, there will be trouble. Understand?"
I nod.
"Get up".
I get to my feet.
"Come with me".

I follow him into his room. I try not to throw up at the stench of beer.
"Put this on", he says chucking me a small black dress.
I stare at it in wonderment.
"Put it on", he repeats, "Then brush your hair".
I obediently but the dress on. I brush my hair with a comb lying on the side.
"Get here", he says holding something red in his hand.
I walk towards him anxiously but all he does is put red lipstick on me and then nods when he's done.
"Right, now wait downstairs in the front room. Don't touch anything".

I walk downstairs and go into the front room. I'm scared now. What is he going to do to me? I have heard stuff about porn or something like that where you get naked in front of men but surely Daddy wouldn't do that to me? I know he hates me but I'm still his daughter?
There is a knock at the door and a tall, brown haired man comes in. He looks about Daddy's age and he raises he's eyebrows when he sees me.
"You sure about this Charlie? She's just a kid".
Daddy nods. "She'll do whatever you want. Just give me the money and I'll make sure she works".
The man hands him a wod of cash.
I gulp, "Daddy, wha..."
He grabs me by the shoulder and hisses into my ear, "Do what he tells you. Any trouble and you'll regret it for weeks". He goes out the room and slams the door.

The man looks at me and then shrugs. He starts to undo his zipper on his jeans. I look away, embarrassed.
"Come on then", he says.
"What do you want me to do?" I whisper.
He reaches out to me and pushes me down on the sofa.
"Just latch on", he says.
I close my eyes and stick his private parts into my mouth. It tastes like stale rubber and I think I'm going to throw up.
The man makes groaning noises and my eyes prick with tears.
Please God, I pray, let it end.


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