Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 7

"Daddy!" I shout banging on the door, "I'm sorry please!"
He doesn't come back. I lie on my mattress for the rest of the night in the dark starving hungry. I wonder if he will leave me to die here? Or maybe he'll wait til I'm nearly dead then keep me alive to torture me more.

I don't know what time it is but I know it's very late because it is so dark. I wonder if I'm brave enough to peep out of the window. I edge my way off the mattress and crawl over to the window. I inch the corner of the faded blue curtains up ever so slightly. It's a full moon. There are stars in the sky and a few birds. Not many people are outside. I wonder if I screamed they might hear me? Too much of a risk to take because if they don't then I'm really in for it.

There is a big bolt at the top of the window. Daddy put it there when we first moved in to stop me getting out. I wonder if somehow I managed to open the bolt if I could jump out. I peer down. No, it's too much of a drop. I would die.

The thought runs through my head. So what? Who cares if I die? At least daddy couldn't hit me when I'm dead. Well, he could but I wouldn't feel it. I consider it, jumping, crashing to my death, ambulances, wailing, floating to heaven...
Who am I kidding? No one would wail. No one would care. There wouldn't be a funeral. Daddy would probably throw me in some ditch somewhere. But still, all that looks better than staying alive...

I struggle with the bolt but it's old and stiff and won't budge. I sigh and sink down on the floor. I put my head in my hands and start to sob. I do it silently, salty tears and snot running down my hand and arm. My eyes sting and my head aches but they won't stop.

When my eyelashes are thick my tears and my hair has clumps of snot in it and I can't think anymore, I lie on my mattress and try to sleep. I keep hearing bumps and hoping maybe, just maybe Daddy will come back and hug me. Then I realize I'm dreaming.


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