Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 6
Locked in

I plod along the pavement heading for home. I walk slowly but I can't delay the inevitable.
I open the door slowly, praying he's not back from the pub yet. I don't hear my name being slurred and no-one grabs me so it looks like I'm in luck.

I rush up stairs and make he's bed, throwing away the empty vodka bottle lying on the floor. I don't open the curtains. That's another rule Daddy has. He doesn't want anyone seeing inside so the only time I see light is when I go to and from school. I go back downstairs and start on Daddy's dinner. I shove a pizza in the oven and some chips. Hopefully if I give him the whole pizza, there will be some left for me. I sneak a frozen chip out of the bag and it tastes horrible but I'm so hungry now I don't really care.

I hear the door slam and I jump, burning my hand on the grill.
I run to the tap and put it under it then dry it on my jumper.
"Leah? Get here".
I rush to the hall and Daddy is holding my pair of trainers in his hands. I slipped them off when I got home from school and forgot to put them under the stairs. Now I'm in for it.
"You idiot! I could have tripped over these!" he yells at me angrily. I can almost taste the alcohol on his breath. He hurls the trainers at me, missing on the first one but the second one hits the back of my head and makes me see stars. Then he lurches forward and grabs me by my hair throwing me to the floor.
"Daddy, please!" I sob but he's already hitting me.
I close my eyes pretending I'm not really in this body but floating from above watching.

When he's finished, he steps over me and goes into the kitchen.
"You burnt my pizza you lazy little shit!"
I hold my breath and wait for another beating. But it doesn't come. Instead he grabs my shoulder and shoves me upstairs and into my office room.
I hear a scrabbling sound and and a key locking. My heart is beating so fast now it sounds like a drum. He's locked me in!


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