Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 5
Billy no mates

As if she really cares, I think to myself as I bite into a roast potato. It tastes amazing and my taste buds do a little dance inside my mouth. The hall is buzzing with children laughing and talking. I sit on my own in the corner. I'm not allowed to have friends. Daddy told me right from the day I started primary school. Friends mean questions and questions are not allowed. I had a secret friend back in year 4 called Hollie. We had a great time laughing and telling jokes until Daddy found out. I never once told her that he hits me but he got really mad and banned me from going to school all week. He rang in and said I was sick. I was sick after he had finished with me.

Hollie moved on and made new friends while I'm stuck on my own like Billy no mates. I finish my lamb and potatoes and gravy. I look to see if there are any seconds left. There are a few potatoes so I walk over to get them. A girl accidentally bumps into me on the way and knocks my bruise.
"Sorry", she mutters and goes to sit with her friends.
I breath out and put my hand on it to stop the throbbing.

We have PE last. While everyone is getting changed in the classroom, I ask Miss Godwin if I can go to the toilet. She nods and I quickly change into my second hand joggers and plain white top. The top isn't mine, I saw it in lost property and pretended it was. I couldn't afford a new one. It had a stain on it but it was better than nothing. I didn't have to change my trainers and I couldn't have even if I wanted to.

We are doing netball outside and I'm the last one to be picked on the team. I can't say I really blame them after all I'm useless at sports and I don't try to be friendly to anyone because, whats the point?
I dodge the ball that flies towards me and it just about misses my bruise.

On the way back inside, a girl in my class called Jessica Lewis hisses at me, "Your meant to catch the ball, not dodge it. God your so useless".
I bow my head in shame because she's right. I am useless at everything.


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