Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 18
The talk ( And no not tht one. lol)

We walked to a meadow and he told me to sit down wich I did but only after asking him to do the same. At first he objected but upon seeing that maybe that would help me, he sat beside me and held my hand.

"Okay so what is the big†bad confession that you been needing to tell me? I asked him as I saw his breathing increase.

"Well, when I was six years old, my mother sold me to a local theif for money since our family was poor and barely making it. She didnt seem to care as I was crying my eyes out for her not to leave me. I knew things about what theives do to children and I didnt want to become another dead body in a stream. He gave her 1500 euros for me and she looked at me with an expressionless glance†and walked away. The theif grabbed me by the arm and hauled me into a truck with no windows. I rocked back and forth as I didn't know what this man was going to do to me. I may have been in that truck for hours because I opened my eyes and saw the back door open. Seeing that as my only chance to escape this horrilbe fate, I ran for the door but was knoked back by the man. "Come on sport don't be like that. You should be glad that I got you instead of a murderer." He told me. The last word was more than enough to scare me. He grabbed me and draged me out of the truck and into an old building just steps away from an†old burial ground. I used to hear about these from the papers that I found on my fathers desk. Ididn'tknow why he would have even wanted to be around it but that thought dissapeared from my mind as he threw me in it and locked the door behind me. The only thing I could hear was hisretreatin footsteps that resulted in the sound of tires spinning and driving away. Iwas sure that I was gonna die in there."

I looked at him and just couldnt understand how somone could do that to a child so young? "And then what happened? Did the man go back?" I asked him.

"Well kinda. It was two months after the day that my mother sold me and I was starving, I lost a lot of weight due to† the starvation and if I wouldn't find any food soon I knew that I would die. I sat in the corner or the building and was scratching at the wall trying to make a hole big enough for me to escape. That was when a rush of light engullfed the room and I caught a glimpse of him. He changed a great deal but still†gave me a scary feeling. he surveyed the room and then locked†his sight directly on me. He knelt down by me and opened up a vial, inside it was a thick red liquid that bewildered me but as he gave the vial to me, I drank it not caring what he had put in it. In a matter of seconds, I was able to stand up and the feeling that I had in my stomach due to the lack of eating, dissapeared. I looked at him and did the one thing that I thought I never would, I hugged him and thanked him. He raised his head, his eyes were as black as the night sky and I had less than a second to scream before he latched onto my neck and his fangs went deep into my skin.

I was completely captivated by the story and urged him to go on.

"So what did he do after he bit you?"

"Well as you can see my me being here, I didn't die. The bite was more than enough to knock me out however and so the events that happened while I was asleep are just a blur. I do remeber waking up on a tree branch and jumping down to find the man. He was sitting by a stream much like the one you were swimming in, and as I slowly walked to him he turned his head and smiled at me. It was the first time that I ever really seen him smile and so I smiled back as he helped me sit down by him. The sun was burning through the clouds, but it never hurt me,† I raised my hand and to my surprise, it was ghostly white, my eyes were a electric green, and I had two large fang like teeth in my mouth. The man told me a story of his life and how he got cuaght up with a group called Los lobos de sangre(the blood wolves). They were a very smart yet deadly group of people who killed as sport. Anyone who was in their path got murdered and their blood stolen from them. He said that it was the year 1962, winter to be exact and he was walking home one night from visiting a local bar, it was then that he met them. They tied him adn took him to an old storage cellar, they beat him and before drinking him dry, they had a change of heart. They decided to keep him as one of their own and so they told him of their clever ways. He lived like they did; steling everything, burning villages to the ground, and leaving no one alive. I remeber looking at him and asking, "Are you still one of them?" He smiled and said "No, but I still have a part of them in me and now so do you, You will live your life much like them except you learn to tell the difference from prdator and prey, from the ones who lived their lives and those who life has just begun." I smiled and nodded agrreing with every word that he said. He reached around his neck and gave me a crest, "This is the last thing that I have of them and I want you to have it. Keep it close to your soul and it will never let you down." I put it on and hugged him, he stood up and I knew what was happening. He was leaving me to find my own destiny, with a shake of his hand and a smile, he walked away and dissapeared in the shadows."

"Wow" was the only thing that I could say. He smiled at me and hugged me close. I looked into his eyes and knew that confessing this was the hardest thing for him. He took the crest off and put it around my neck saying that by me wearing it, i'll always be a part of him. I smiled teary eyed and kissed him deeply. He kissed me back and wrapped his arms around me keeping me close.

"So now that you know, does anything change?" He asked me, his eyes awaiting my answer.

I thought for a little bit, "No, if anything it kinda turns me on Mr vampire." I told him smiling and kissing him. He raised his eyebrow and laughed at me while returning the kiss. We both stood up and looked deeply in each others eyes. Our hearts were once again beating very fast and his eyes answered a question that I had been wanting to ask for the past couple of days. He picked me up in his arms and never let me down until my back was pressesd against the grass.


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